Tuesday, September 30, 2008

15 month check up

So...J had his Dr's appt today. He got 3 shots and we both cried - I don't normally do that, so I'm blaming pregnancy hormones.

He's doing great - meeting all his milestones (can point to several body parts, has 3 words...sort of, feeds himself, imitates, can follow simple instructions, etc etc). He is 21 pounds, 4.5 ounces...still 10th percentile. Also...height is 32" - which is weird, at his 12 month he was 31.5" - so I think they measured wrong last time...because he's definitely grown more than 1/2". Anyways...he's 75th percentile for height. His pediatrician said if he continues growing 'in this pattern' he'll be approximately 6' tall. Which is totally cool with me - definitely from my (dad's) side of the family - my bro and my dad are both tall (6' or more) and I'm pretty tall for a girl.

As far as baby B is concerned - she (or he) is doing well. I'm about 15 weeks and have an appt next week - after that I'll be able to schedule our 'big' ultrasound - where we find out for sure if we're having a boy or a girl. We are excited for that, of course. I don't remember much about my pregnancy with J but I do remember that I started feeling him move very early - around 15 weeks. Nothing major, but I remember feeling those little flutters so I'm anxiously awaiting those feelings again. Also, I finally got the scanner working so here is a pic of Baby B - from 7weeks, 5 days.

I feel kind of bad, well, because B looks a lot like a...blob...to me. And I'm not the type of person to say that - I was just amazed because we had an ultrasound @ 9weeks with Jeremiah and we could see his little head, arms and legs moving all around. B just looked like a wiggly mass...with a beautiful heartbeat. We'll have some much better pics (hopefully some of B's face) once we have that big ultrasound, I'm shooting for around 18 weeks because, well, I just cannot wait!!

As far as physically, I'm alright...except for feeling dead-tired constantly and having daily headaches. Yikes. So...if I seem cranky or rude, trust me - it's really, really not you - it's all me. I am also very forgetful and a total space-case 99% of the time. And...I forget what else. Oh! As I previously mentioned, I'm very emotional. Crying a lot over nothing. And getting offended over silly things. So again - it's not you, it's really me and I'll get over it (because I'll forget about it) soon. :-)


Shelly said...

I can't wait to find out what baby "B" is!! I am so excited for you!! Don't worry about the emotions! We (well a lot of us) have been there! We understand!

Andrea said...

huh? i think i missed a post- I didn;t know you were expecting again!!! congratulations! Im so excited for you!!!

The Johnson Family said...

Baby B is beautiful or handsome depending on the sex.

Nichole, Jeff & Audrey (aka Peanut) said...

Aww... at first Jeff and I didn't see the baby in the ultra sound... hence the name Peanut... as that was all I saw.. but.. now we have a georgous little girl and you will soon have another precious baby.

If you want to talk sometime or need someone to talk to give me a call.. I am home all day :)