Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Introduction to the rest of our family...

I realized I've never posted about our puppies! They are so sweet and loveable and I can't wait to see how they are with Baby G. They crack me and Shawn up and I can't imagine our house without them.

Meet Patches:

She is our baby girl - quite literally. She's a baby. She hates when it rains and refuses to go outside except for EXTREME EMERGENCIES (i.e. in the middle of the night). She's our 'chewer' or the one who most likely chewed up all my shoes. She loves Shawn and loves attention. Yes, she's a pit bull, but don't buy into the hype! She's great with children and know she'll be a great 'big sister' to G. We got her right after we moved into our home, in December of 2003. She was either 2 or 3 when we got her, so this past December she turned either 4 or 5. I like to think she's 4- she still acts like a puppy.

Meet Prince:

This is our handsome devil! Sometimes I swear he is a bit smarter than an average dog. He seems to understand things that dogs shouldn't. He's the troublemaker. He is pretty brave, but the only thing that shakes him to his core with terror is the dishwasher. He becomes a whimpering baby that manages to squeeze himself into the smallest of spaces. I don't know why it scares him so much. He also has a taste for tissues - used ones. GROSS! But we can't break him of this habit - he's very bold and will grab a tissue off the table right in front of us and run away so he can eat it in private. He also likes socks and other laundry. Someday, we're going to have to pay for a surgery to remove some random thing from his intestines. We think he's a boxer mix of some kind. We got him (they're both from the humane society) in August of 2004 as a companion for Patches. The guy at the humane society said that he'd never seen two dogs get along so well in all his time there. He was either 3 or 4 when we got him, so I just like to say he's turning 6 this year. He's already gotten his first gray hair, and I don't want to think he's any older.

Monday, March 26, 2007

An update!

Just a little update - I was fortunate enough to go on a retreat 3/16-3/18 with Calvary Central chuch. I have a good friend from work who attends there, and I went with her last year to the same retreat. Granted, this year was a total 180 degree difference than last year. (Last year it snowed and was freezing, I was in a really bad place because it was only 1 month after losing Nicholas, etc.) It was beautiful up there - 80s during the day and 50s at night. I was hot, of course. Being big and preggo will do that to you!

Sunrise Saturday Morning

I was blessed to spend time alone, just praying and spending time with God, which I hadn't been doing a lot of. I rediscovered a lot of things about Him I had forgotton for some odd reason. In addition to that, I met a lot of women who truly showed me Christ's love even though they had never met me before and would probably never see me again! It was a great weekend.

Here are the ladies I went with: (from right to left)

Tina, Anna, Lisa and Me. No, I'm not choking Lisa, it's an inside joke. :-)

And me and my very good friend (and sister), Anna. She was sharing Christ with me before I became a Christian and was such a good example of a Christian woman. She's known me a long time and seen me through some amazing things that God has done in my life. I'm very thankful for her friendship.

Also, when we got home (sorry I don't have any pics of this, I wish I did!), my ankles were swollen up like softballs. It was so weird!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


So the wedding on Friday night was beautiful! The bride and groom looked great and we had a good time. Of course, we left at 9:15 because I was almost falling asleep! LOL.

Here are the beautiful bride, Alma and groom, Mike. YAY!

I laughed so hard when they did a bridal party dance - if there is one thing Shawn doesn't like to do, it's dance! I took this photo while laughing hysterically and I think the girl he's dancing with thought I was nuts!

And here is a pic of me and one of the two of us. I really didn't like the way these pictures turned out, but what can you do. Like Lori told me, it's only temporary and I'm just a vessel for this little guy. Can't wait to meet him (and start losing weight, LOL!)