Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's been too long!!

Life has just been flying by.  Things happens so fast, it seems.  Jeremiah starts kindergarten next month, and we couldn't be more excited...and Sarah keeps growing and growing.  Here's a little recap of what's been going on with us:

We had a weekend 'staycation' at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak.  
It was so much fun and we stayed in a big condo - the kids slept great and 
loved playing in the water park.  

We've been going out to eat, a lot.  

I had a girls weekend with some friends at the Hotel Valley Ho - 
it was so much fun and a great escape! 

Jeremiah had his last day of preschool.  He still misses it, 
but we've been having fun during the day.  

Shawn and I had an amazing weekend away together in Sedona.  
It was so great - I highly recommend weekend getaways for 
ALL married couples. 

Jeremiah had his birthday party at Scooptacular, again.  It 
is so worth it - a great, air conditioned room, the birthday boy made 'cheetah' ice cream, 
and the kids have a blast.  It's the best place to have a birthday party.  

We had a fun pool party with some friends - here's Sarah and Lily.  How cute!

Went to Postino's to celebrate a friends birthday.  

Jeremiah turned the big FIVE!  Shawn took him 
out to breakfast to celebrate  - what a sweet tradition 
to start! 

Then we headed to Revo Burrito for his birthday dinner.  

The kids had their 'white star' swim lessons with the 
City of Phoenix.  They were great!  Sarah started putting her face 
in the water for her teacher.  

Jeremiah, as you can see, was fearless.  He was a little fish! 
He's now in 'red star' and Sarah's in white star again.  
I love the swim lessons - he's learning how to properly 
swim in his new class, and Sarah's still working on going underwater, 
but yesterday she actually jumped in the pool (amazing!) 
and put her head completely underwater.  

We also just returned from a trip to Washington that was nearly 3 weeks...and I'll share that later!