Saturday, March 29, 2008


Bubbie and Ken (Shawn's Mom and Stepdad) are in town and this morning we went to the Farm at South Mountain for brunch. I can't believe we've lived in this area for almost five years and have never been there! It's absolutely lovely and the food is great, 90% of it is locally grown.

Andrea, you would love it. I'm not a photographer but I think you'd find some beautiful shots there.

J, Bubbie, and Ken:

Jeremiah and Bubbie:

Checking out the farm:

The fam:

Munching on cheerios while waiting for breakfast:

Checking out a cactus with Daddy:

Top tooth! I hope the other one comes in soon, otherwise he'll be looking kind of goofy with just one front tooth!!

Cute pic in the new carseat:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nine months old!

Actually, 9 months and five minutes old at the time I'm posting this blog. Wow. So now he's been out of me as long as he was in me. What a weird thing to think about!! Today Bubbie and Ken are coming for a visit and we are very excited to see them!

Wrestling a bunny - 1/2 price at CVS!

Waiting for the bunny to 'get' him.

Contemplating a cheerio.

Happy birthday little man! Does anyone know how to slow time down so I can keep him at this age for, oh, 5 years?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Since it's starting to get 'warm' here - mid eighties - when J and I visited our friends Kim and Lily yesterday, J got to play in some water. He had a great time:

He loved the wet sand between the sand box and the water box.

Splash splash!

He was soaked - look at his face!!

Stripped down to his diaper:

My little monkey. Gosh I love him so much!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Alive!!! She's alive!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts the last, oh, week or so. I know you patient readers have been waiting with bated breath for a new one, but I came down with a nasty stomach illness that basically KO'd me for 5 days. But now I'm feeling much better and we can get back to the "Jeremiah Show!"

On Tuesday, the first day I was sick, Jeremiah figured out how to crawl up the stairs AND stand up on his own without holding onto anything. Great! And he's getting one of his top teeth. He's also taken a couple more steps on his own. Yikes, I'm so not ready for this!!

Ok, enough talking, time for pics.

J was doing a little searching on the internet:

Trying to get into his walker:

And playing with a double decker bus we got from a friend of mine in England:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sorry to my Wisconsin (and other cold weather state) friends...

Today it was about 80 degrees and sunny. J and I took a walk around the neighborhood and then hung out in the park.

He really wanted to eat this leaf.

Like the hair? I used sunblock to get that look.

At one point he just crawled off and left me behind.

Sitting on the front lawn, covered in grass clippings.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Now we're in trouble!

J took two steps on his own this morning before falling into my arms. I don't know how it happened - we'd been playing and I let him go - he was standing up and he took two steps towards me!! It was so unexpected I kept trying to get him to do it again but he wouldn't. Ah well, there's plenty of time for that later!!

Also, he has another ear infection. Poor guy - I think we caught it early this time so he's starting on the antibiotics today.

Here are a few pics for ya.

Standing on his own:

Playing in the pack n play:

Laughing hysterically at himself in the mirror:

He found a new hiding spot!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now for some pictures...

Jeremiah is such a card. Here he is with a paci he found. He never has one, but he sure figured out what to do with it quick! Like everything, it went right in the mouth!

Here is the view I usually get of him when I set him down - that little tush crawling away from me!

On Friday we had a photo shoot with Andrea at Tempe Town Lake. Here is a pic of J in the stroller before we did any pics. Please check out her blog for her pics - she's wonderful!!

And here he is with his sippy cup, acting like a little puppy. So funny!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

200th post!!

Wow, 200 posts in just over a year. I sure have way too much to say, I think!!

Just wanted to show a cute video of J using his walker. He really likes this thing. I have to hide it because he's always climbing up on it.

I have a bunch of pics but blogger is being a pain right now and keeps giving me errors. Maybe later!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jeremiah and friends

Yesterday we visited Bailey and Shanna at the mall. J and B had a great time in the play area (there was a lot of hand sanitizer used by both of us moms on those babies, believe me!)



A friend that J made at the play area - Jeremiah found him hilarious no matter what he did. J just laughed and laughed. It was so funny.

Bailey and J at Gymboree...they really like each other.

This is J at Lily's house. But no pics of J and Lily - they were playing together, usually Lily crawls away from J and J chases her. It's so cute. But here are a couple of J:

Just after this pic was taken, J decided to crawl over Cooper. He faceplanted into the floor. Poor guy. He got over it pretty quickly, though. He's either getting tougher or it just sounds worse than it feels.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dza Dza is back!

Dza Dza (pronounced "Ja-Ja"), aka my dad, is here for a visit. He arrived on Thursday and Jeremiah immediately liked him. It was really great!

Dza and J:

On Friday morning we headed to the Mesa flea market. It was packed...with snowbirds!! Where else can you get your adult bibs for $6 each or 2 for $10...

And eat your giant cookie while wearing them?

Dad reading the 'you know your older than dirt when' sign and shaking his head..because he can remember all the stuff on it.

Dza and J after the flea market at home:

Then yesterday we headed to Wildlife World Zoo. It was so much fun. That place is great.

Nice shades, dude!

Jeremiah, unimpressed by the ducks.

Baby tigers practicing their killing:

A pretty cockatoo. I wanted to take him home.

This monkey was very thoughtful:

Dza and J waiting for the train:

The fam:

What do you think of your first train ride, J?

This ostrich was close enough to peck our eyes out - freaky!

Dad on the skyride, he was the brave one!

Dza feeding the giraffe:

And the white tiger posed:

We'll miss you Dza!!