Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dude, what did you just say?

The last week or so Jeremiah has started talking. Well, okay, maybe not actually talking but he's saying things that sound like words. I don't have video yet...but this is what he says if I listen very closely and try to put it into context.
"Ada" (Dada)
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" (Milk)
"Odder" (Water)
"Wha Da" (What's that?)
"Awl" (Ball)
"Uh-oh" (I don't think you need the translation do you?)
Of course, no video...yet...but I'll try. Also, Shawn will say this list is incomplete as Jeremiah says many more words than this...but I can't understand him!! AND, do you notice what is missing???? MAMA has not entered his vocabulary, but I guess I can wait for the incessant "Mama? Mama? Mama? Mama? MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA!!!!" stage of life with him.

J's latest entertainment is rearranging the kitchen chairs while wearing his cool-dude sunglasses. I say rock on!

This is what we call the post-breakfast breakfast. The child can be so hungry sometimes!

"The Mad Face" - he also snorts through his nose and I'm sure he doesn't realize how hilarious he looks and sounds.

One of his BFFs - the dust buster.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where are my shoes?

Jeremiah has been having a fun time lately taking our shoes and 'hiding' them in the cabinets. He thinks it's hilarious. It is pretty funny, but I don't want to encourage him.

Today we went swimming with Bailey, Shanna, Kim and Lily (and Sydney and Payton). Here are some cute pics of the little ones:

Bailey's "cheese" face
Lily being adorable, as always.

And of course I'm a bit biased, but he looks so cute!

Just a couple of other shots from the weekend - here's J sitting in a chair and enjoying a few puffs.
J & Daddy relaxing before bedtime
Jeremiah has been quite obsessed with books. When I say obsessed, I really do mean obsessed. He brings a book to you and gets very happy when you sit him on your lap or next to you. Of course, he doesn't want you to actually read to him...he'd rather you just open the book and let him turn the pages. He loves to find pictures of balls and do the sign for 'ball.' It's fun. Today we read the same book five times in a row...but it's worth it!
Trying to put on Daddy's shoe.

Thanks to everyone for praying for Shawn during his test!! We both appreciate the prayers so much. Now...the waiting begins - it's about an eight week wait until we find out if he passed or not. Please pray those eight weeks go quickly for us!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bailey's house!

Today J and I headed over to Bailey's house to hang out. Shanna is taking care of Erika Bird right now (please pray for her brother, Trevor and their family as they are going through some difficult times). The house was kind of crazy - but fun crazy, not scary crazy. :-)

Here is cutie Bailey
And the sweetest baby I believe I've ever met, Erika:
J and Erika look weirdly alike, especially when they both were running around in their diapers - that white skin and blonde hair - from the back I couldn't tell them apart!! (and in this pic, J has on the pink bib and Erika the blue, LOL!)
Erika laughing at Sydney and J entranced by Elmo on television
Gosh she looks like her father, don't you think?

Eating with a spoon like a big boy (sigh)
Forward facing and unamused...
Sleeping in previously mentioned forward-facing carseat.
Mmmmm!! Black beans!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy birthday Shawn!!

One year ago today, Shawn worked all day and then came home and Jeremiah fell asleep on him. See here. This year was kind of similar, except he got a present that really made him happy...

He wasn't sure about the box - Versace? He was really skeptical.

His method is...interesting...


Carrie Underwood tickets!! Shawn is a big fan and his mom (who pitched in most of it) and I went in on them together. He is already very excited. Then he spent the rest of the day studying...which is why there hasn't been a blog in a whole week! Well, that and because our laptop is temporarily insane. So...just pray for Shawn this week and especially Friday and Saturday so his CFP (certified financial planner) test goes extremely well.

Today, to let Shawn study, we headed to the library:

These are all random pics from the week..

I love him in this basketball outfit - I remember when my mom gave it to me at my baby shower and it fits him now! Amazing and he looks like such a big boy in it!

Pickles are a vegetable, right?

Messy face!

Bath time!

Just a funny picture - obviously a little too close to the flash!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jeremiah's birthday!

J's birthday was a looong celebration - lots of presents arrived all week. It was easier to make a slideshow than a massive post! I'm glad he's little and won't think this is how all birthdays are! :-)