Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy birthday Shawn!!

One year ago today, Shawn worked all day and then came home and Jeremiah fell asleep on him. See here. This year was kind of similar, except he got a present that really made him happy...

He wasn't sure about the box - Versace? He was really skeptical.

His method is...interesting...


Carrie Underwood tickets!! Shawn is a big fan and his mom (who pitched in most of it) and I went in on them together. He is already very excited. Then he spent the rest of the day studying...which is why there hasn't been a blog in a whole week! Well, that and because our laptop is temporarily insane. So...just pray for Shawn this week and especially Friday and Saturday so his CFP (certified financial planner) test goes extremely well.

Today, to let Shawn study, we headed to the library:

These are all random pics from the week..

I love him in this basketball outfit - I remember when my mom gave it to me at my baby shower and it fits him now! Amazing and he looks like such a big boy in it!

Pickles are a vegetable, right?

Messy face!

Bath time!

Just a funny picture - obviously a little too close to the flash!


Jen said...

Is he gonna take you to the concert? ;o)

Shelly said...

Happy Birthday Shawn! I was getting worried that there was something wrong since you did no update the blog! "J" is such a big boy! We miss our walks! Will be nice to go on them again when we get back!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday! I'll be praying your test goes well, that'd be a pretty awesome present!

Nichole, Jeff & Baby "peanut" said...

Happy Birthday !!

And Rachel these photographs are adorable.. almost magizine like :) I soo look forward to your postings its just shocking how fast the lil' guy is growing and how cute as a button he is !!

Andrea said...

that last picture is so cute! his expression is so funny!

Montana & Aubrey said...

If we'd known, we go see Carrie too! haha. Yall will have so much fun!