Monday, January 2, 2012

Caleb and Bubbie!

Have I got a recap for you!  Anita and Caleb came in on Monday, December 19th and stayed through December 26th.  It was a busy, fun filled week!

Monday night was J's preschool Christmas program.  It was adorable and awkward.  J didn't really sing, but that's okay.
It looks like he was at the mic - just a great camera zoom :) 

Post concert cuddles with my boy 
And post concert ice cream at Scooptacular! 

Caleb loved the dogs.  He had so much fun. 

We visited the history museum in Mesa (for my writing job

Panning for gold! 

And the kids were on TV - they thought it was hilarious. 

Some sweet cousin cuddles 

Learning about desert plants 

Yes, I had to show off my Christmas dinner...again :) 

We had lots of meals out.  

Attempting to get a good photo of Bubbie and her grandkids. 

Shawn and his Mama 

Caleb being a monkey.  (The boys both got angry birds shirt - what a phenomenon!)

It was a great visit, and as always, so sad to see them go.  The kids played so well and just wore each other out.  Jeremiah and Sarah actually shared a room so Caleb and Bubbie could sleep in their own room.  After a couple of bumpy nights, they got used to it and actually enjoyed sharing a room.

Stay tuned, we have lots more going on and more photos and updates coming soon!  The Rolands are very busy :)