Friday, May 30, 2008

Future Daughter in Law?

Bailey was loving on J at the Tempe Beach Splash Pad on Wednesday. Do I hear wedding bells? I know I wouldn't mind having Bailey as part of the family!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

11 months...

J is 11 months old today. Our camera is really broken (don't worry, we ordered a new one which should be here in about a week...that's a whole other story!!), but I figured out our video camera also takes stills. Not the greatest, but here he is having breakfast.

See, not the greatest. But on that memory card were pics from nearly ancient history - I'd guess they were from around June 2005, when Shawn and I got married. I really like the way I look in this pic, but will take my 25lb heavier frame any day for that precious baby boy. (Did I mention he's 11 months old today??)

Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is one stupid audition:

This is for my girls Mrs. Spice, Kim, and Jen.

For people who don't understand what I'm saying, please watch it. It's an audition from So You Think You Can Dance - an overall hilarious and fun show to watch. I'm trying to perfect the chin move that you can see at 1:21.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Phoenix...your weather is craz-ay!!

So..Monday and Tuesday were hot days - 110 on Monday, 107 on Tuesday. Wednesday was nice. Yesterday was COLD (for us) - in the 60's and raining. Today it's the same story, 63 degrees and it just POURED here.

Look - yesterday this is what J was wearing in the morning (don't mind him, he's just chewing on the metal table)

By 2pm, this is what he was dressed in. (No, his father didn't dress him in that...I did. I am half Polish, ya know) Red shirt, black jean jacket, blue pants and brown and orange shoes. Nice!

Later, after he spilled the dog's water everywhere, including his pants, I let him run around like this...and look what he treats me to!!

J is napping right now and I had the windows open since it was nice. I heard it start raining - just a little bit. Then suddenly it was pouring!! Look:

It lasted maybe 5 minutes before it stopped, now the sun is shining again. We have some baby birds nesting on this decorative wood thing on the front of our house and there is nothing over their heads. I felt so bad for them - but I'm glad it didn't pour like that for long. Poor babies. (don't have a pic of them, sorry)

PS I guess our camera isn't totally dead, it still takes pics but the screen is not working, so you can't tell if you got a good pic or not.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well then...

So our camera is officially broken. I'm not sure what happened - it couldn't have been Jeremiah walking around with it and dropping it on the ground, right? *shrugs shoulders* Ah well...I have a backload of cutie J pics anyways that I need to post, so...prepare yourself.

Diaper time - even though he has a little belly, he looks skinny here, huh?

And J's new favorite spot - under the crib. He loves crawling under there and when you say: "Where's Jeremiah?" he lifts up the little hangy thingy on the bottom and peeks at you and laughs. It's so flipping adorable I almost can't stand it.

And here's our little 'gangsta rapper' look - those are actually shorts, not pants...and the size? 12 months. Jeremiah, for those of you unaware, is just shy of 11 months. I think he might be able to wear those next year!

Oh my word, do I love Carter's for t-shirts. They are so cute! I love the little sayings on them. Can you dig it, people?

And on Sunday morning he somehow cut his head open. I wasn't watching, he was in the pack & play so he should have been fine. Bad mommy. Also, this shirt says: "Probably the cutest dude around" with a pic of a hippy van on it. Come on now, that's adorable. Like the belly shot?

Monday, May 19, 2008

First D-backs game

We only have a couple pics because the camera started acting funky...but here we are!

The tickets were from Shawn's work and they are great seats - directly behind the right fielder, next to the bullpen...there's no one in front of you. J liked clapping when everyone else clapped, but otherwise was amused by the couple behind us and these boys that kept yelling. He lasted til about the 7th inning, which was impressive. And the D backs won!! Who-hoo!!

I forgot to mention: We woke Jeremiah up from his nap so we could get there on time. I cannot believe we did that!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


These pics are a little old - from last week, I think? We were at Kim and Lily's and J figured out a little trick:

Boy am I glad we don't have one of those!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What a blessing

There are days when I feel frustrated with being a mother - times when I don't know what my son wants or what he needs or why he's whining. Some days I am so tired that I can't wait to get him to bed so I can have a moment alone. Then there are moments like this:

after his bath, during his evening 'massage' where he laughs and laughs and reminds me that I just may be the most blessed woman on the planet. Thank you, God, for such a healthy, happy child.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Update on Preemie Bailey

I don't even know how to word this, but please continue to keep this family in your prayers. Bailey passed away due to cardiac arrest not related to her kidneys.

Mother's day

So yesterday was my 'first' mothers day - I did take the holiday as my own last year as I was pregnant with J and considered myself a mom, but I guess technically it's my first. No matter. I know another mom that is celebrating her first mothers day, and she, as well as her husband and children, need prayer.

Meghyn is our friend Mike's sister. She and her husband, John, had been trying for a long time to get pregnant when she became pregnant with twins. She developed pre-eclampsia and the twins had to be born via c-section on Saturday at 26 weeks gestation. This is extremely early, and the twins were small - Kaylee (baby A) was 2lbs and Bailey (baby B) was 1lb. Bailey is in surgery this morning as her kidneys are not functioning properly. I can't imagine Jeremiah going into surgery now at 18lbs, much less a tiny, helpless little girl that's only 1lb having surgery. Please pray for Meghyn, John, Kaylee and especially Bailey today. I'm praying for the surgeons to be fast and good and fix the problem with her kidneys. I can't imagine going through what Meghyn is going through. Please send them your love.

Now..some pics of the last few days with J.

We went fishing with Grandpa G on Friday...Grandpa didn't catch anything but J had fun playing with the rod.

J fell in the dirt and ate a little. Oops.

Watching the ducks:


Feeding himself. (everything ended up on the floor and the dogs loved it!)

Then yesterday J and Daddy were watching a baby einstein video with his bunny when J started acting silly - he'd sit up then fall back. (like these pics show sort of.) It was really goofy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008's what's for dinner

The first one is my favorite. The best, by far.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shoes for J-dog

So I've been letting J get his feet grossly dirty anytime we go anywhere - I had bought a pair of shoes but all he did was crawl and try to pull them off. So...I found another pair at Walmart and splurged. He actually wore them and walked in them! Yay - now I don't have to worry about his darling little feet getting all dirty, burnt and/or cut up when we're outside.

Here's some fun pics of him and his shoes...

We went outside and he loved walking around...

He liked the water, surprise!!

PS We went to the pediatrician today because over the weekend J seemed to get sick, but yesterday he was really awful - a really runny nose, and horrible red, watery eyes, and blotchy skin. The ped said it sounds like allergies so we are able to give him a teensy bit of children's claritin if he has another attack like that. (he's better today BTW) He weighed in at 18lbs 2oz, which is the 5th percentile for his age. I think he'll drop off the charts soon - if you watch the video - that's how he walks. All. The. Time. I can't shove enough food into him, LOL!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Baby Fever...

Anyone else have it? Lots of people that have blogs are pregnant, and I'm starting to feel left out! Look at all these preggos: Nicole, Katie, Jennifer (who is nearly almost not-pregnant anymore), Jenny (not B. people, calm down, this one hasn't updated in ages - get on it missy!!) and Rochelle. I love when they post about their soon to be newborns - it's so exciting! And then there are the newborns, Alex and Elliot, who are oh so sweet and darling and adorable in their new baby-ness.

What is the point of this post? I guess all these preggos and newborns just make me really miss it. Add to that Jeremiah becoming a 'big boy' in the last few weeks and..well..there you have it - the perfect recipe for Baby Fever.