Friday, May 23, 2008

Phoenix...your weather is craz-ay!!

So..Monday and Tuesday were hot days - 110 on Monday, 107 on Tuesday. Wednesday was nice. Yesterday was COLD (for us) - in the 60's and raining. Today it's the same story, 63 degrees and it just POURED here.

Look - yesterday this is what J was wearing in the morning (don't mind him, he's just chewing on the metal table)

By 2pm, this is what he was dressed in. (No, his father didn't dress him in that...I did. I am half Polish, ya know) Red shirt, black jean jacket, blue pants and brown and orange shoes. Nice!

Later, after he spilled the dog's water everywhere, including his pants, I let him run around like this...and look what he treats me to!!

J is napping right now and I had the windows open since it was nice. I heard it start raining - just a little bit. Then suddenly it was pouring!! Look:

It lasted maybe 5 minutes before it stopped, now the sun is shining again. We have some baby birds nesting on this decorative wood thing on the front of our house and there is nothing over their heads. I felt so bad for them - but I'm glad it didn't pour like that for long. Poor babies. (don't have a pic of them, sorry)

PS I guess our camera isn't totally dead, it still takes pics but the screen is not working, so you can't tell if you got a good pic or not.


CandiDurbin said...

It rained over here by us..Cooper/Ray all day and night. It was awesome!

The Johnson Family said...

I would take your weather any day over Wisconsin weather. You know what it's like. However it should get into the low 80's this weekend..yeah!!

Jen said...

I wish we had weather like this ALL YEAR LONG! I love it!!