Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day

So yesterday was my 'first' mothers day - I did take the holiday as my own last year as I was pregnant with J and considered myself a mom, but I guess technically it's my first. No matter. I know another mom that is celebrating her first mothers day, and she, as well as her husband and children, need prayer.

Meghyn is our friend Mike's sister. She and her husband, John, had been trying for a long time to get pregnant when she became pregnant with twins. She developed pre-eclampsia and the twins had to be born via c-section on Saturday at 26 weeks gestation. This is extremely early, and the twins were small - Kaylee (baby A) was 2lbs and Bailey (baby B) was 1lb. Bailey is in surgery this morning as her kidneys are not functioning properly. I can't imagine Jeremiah going into surgery now at 18lbs, much less a tiny, helpless little girl that's only 1lb having surgery. Please pray for Meghyn, John, Kaylee and especially Bailey today. I'm praying for the surgeons to be fast and good and fix the problem with her kidneys. I can't imagine going through what Meghyn is going through. Please send them your love.

Now..some pics of the last few days with J.

We went fishing with Grandpa G on Friday...Grandpa didn't catch anything but J had fun playing with the rod.

J fell in the dirt and ate a little. Oops.

Watching the ducks:


Feeding himself. (everything ended up on the floor and the dogs loved it!)

Then yesterday J and Daddy were watching a baby einstein video with his bunny when J started acting silly - he'd sit up then fall back. (like these pics show sort of.) It was really goofy.

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