Monday, July 30, 2007

Dr's visit today!

Jeremiah had his one month check up and here are his numbers - he weighs 9lbs, 9oz, and is 21 1/2" long. He's gaining weight really well, and the doc said everything else looks great. He's really starting to be more alert now when he's awake, and is making adorable cooing noises that are so much nicer than hearing him cry!

Friday, July 27, 2007

One month old already?!?!

I can't believe it! It's gone by so fast.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Give me a kiss!!


Jeremiah has been very cranky lately, (because of his cold) so he pretty much falls asleep on either Shawn or I before he goes down for a nap. I'm okay with that...I know I'll miss it when he doesn't want me to hold him anymore.

Here he is, trying to take over the lazy boy - while Daddy works on homework.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our little chunky boy!

We went to the dr this morning because I was worried Jeremiah had gotten a cold - he does have the beginnings of a cold, so we have to keep an eye on him. Poor baby! He's been really fussy lately, plus had some congestion, which is why I thought he was sick. Anyways...he now weighs...8lbs, 9oz!! Last Wednesday, he weighed 7lb he gained 17oz in a little over a week!

Plus, we finally were able to give him his very first bath. He's been getting sponge baths, but we had to wait til he healed from everything before we could give him a real bath. Of course, after the bath he peed all over himself...sigh.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Things I've learned...

Some things I've learned in the short time since I became a mom...

-Pee and poop are still gross, but not nearly as much (especially once you've been peed and pooped ON!)
-I'm willing to let my son sneeze in my face
-Sometimes I cry as much as he does
-I don't need nearly as much sleep as I thought (this is Shawn's)
-Singing silly songs is no longer reserved just for my husband
-I pray a lot more than I used to
-It's easy to spend a long time just staring at him

I'm sure there's more but I can only remember so much.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

5am this morning...

Happy three week birthday! You're looking kinda chubby, and we love it!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sad afternoon..

So, Grandma Q - now referred to as Bubbie - left us this afternoon. She was amazing while she was here - she did our laundry, cleaned everything, went grocery shopping several times, took us to Costco and Babies R Us, and watched Jeremiah while I napped. Jeremiah and I got home from dropping her off at the airport and he was cranky for a good two hours. The dogs waited by the door for her to come in after I did, and they were sad when she didn't show.


Can't resist posting..

I was going to wait til tomorrow (when J is 3 weeks old) but I can't wait. We've gotten some funny pics of J lately. (Or I have)

The cutie sleeping...

I was trying to take a pic of his 'mohawk' but he was hungry and starting to cry, plus I was too close and the flash probably blinded him. My poor baby with his crazy mom.

Shawn says that I never post pics of myself and the here is a pic of us.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Shawn!

Today is Shawn's 26th birthday! We didn't do anything, he was really tired and wanted to take a nap...

Jeremiah always passes out on his daddy. So cute!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two weeks old already?!?!

Every day Shawn and I thank God for our son. We feel so blessed that we were given this child. I find myself constantly praying for him, that he'll know God as he grows up and that Shawn and I are able to be the parents God wants us to be. Jeremiah fits into our lives perfectly - it's amazing how God creates this little person that you never knew you could love so much. It's also amazing that God chooses to let us experience such love through the children He gives us. It breaks my heart when I think that we used to say we didn't want children - and that we'd be missing out on this incredible gift.

Happy 2 week birthday, Jeremiah!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Grandma Q (aka Anita aka Shawn's mom) is here!!

Grandma Q is in town til the 17th. She came to help me out as Shawn is going back to work tomorrow. She got in today (and told us that she had 4 hours of sleep last night) and in the afternoon asked if she could do anything. Shawn says - "Sure, you can empty the dishwasher." So she did!

Grandma emptying the dishwasher.

And holding her new grandson!!

Me and J.

Shawn had J on his lap and he just kind of rolled over into this position. It made me laugh, so of course we had to take a picture.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

One week check up

Jeremiah had his check up yesterday and he gained 6 ounces in a week! He weighs 6lbs, 15.5 ounces, up from 6lbs, 9.5 ounces last Friday. He's almost back up to his birth weight! For some reason, I freaked out when she told me the weight, I thought it was 6lbs, 1.5 ounces and that he had lost all that weight, even though he's been eating like crazy! Shawn just laughed at me, I chalk it up to new mommy confusion and lack of sleep - I take no responsibility.

Then the traumatic act of the day happened, which I didn't watch - Daddy did. He came through okay and seems to be doing alright.

In fact...
Here's a picture of me and J.

For some reason, this reminds me of Dr. Evil.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

He does open his eyes!

Just a cute cell phone picture Shawn took today.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

1 week old!

Here are some pictures! He had a great day today - his grandma and grandpa G came over, and great-aunt Cher and great-uncle Micky came over for a visit. He was passed around to everyone and he seemed to enjoy the attention.

Stop talking, Mom!!!

Sleeping on daddy after his long day.

Warning: Ranting and Bathroom talk contained!

Jeremiah is a week old today!! I just can't believe it. I'll post some pictures later, if I have time. But right now, I'm just a little upset. Yesterday we took J. to the lab to have his 2nd part of the mandatory newborn screening done. Well, he apparently was having trouble bleeding for it, so the tech had to squeeze his little heel. He now has a bruise! My week-old son has his first bruise and it breaks my heart. Shawn's upset with the tech, I'm just upset. But it will heal. Friday, though (when he gets circumsized) will probably break my heart and I'll cry tons.

Now for a funny (if not gross) story - this morning I woke up and decided to take Jeremiah downstairs. I noticed he seemed damp and when I took his diaper off, discovered that he had somehow leaked all the way up his back. So, I start to get ready to take his onsie off to change that, and he starts pooping. A lot - and it gets everywhere! Oh my gosh, I thought I had the diaper under his cute little butt but I guess I didn't - it got all over the changing pad. Yucky! Then, of course, he starts peeing everywhere. It shot so far, it got all over my shorts, the floor, the changing pad, and himself. Now, this has happened to Shawn a couple of times, but not to me, but I guess it was my turn. So I took him to the sink and rinsed him off, then cleaned him up, changed his onsie and all was well. (I actually ran upstairs with Jeremiah and woke Shawn up to tell him.) We had a good laugh.

The joys of parenting!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Yes, more pictures of Jeremiah!

Our friends Karen and Aubrey Holt came to visit Jeremiah today and Aubrey took some photos - she's really good. I'm only going to post a couple, though. They were all cute, thank you Aubrey. (They also brought us lunch, so yummy! Thank you so much!!)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Update with pictures!

We seem to be getting the hang of this parenting thing - Shawn is a great dad and takes really good care of Jeremiah. Me, on the other hand...I kind of feel like I'm catching on a bit more slowly, but I'm getting it (I think.) Jeremiah is eating well and actually let us sleep for 2 three hour increments last night - we were up from about 3am-6am, but I'll take any sleep I can get at this point!

There aren't too many more pictures, trust me, if I had my way, I'd be taking pictures of him constantly because I find him so darn adorable! Both of us are so in love with him and just could sit here for hours talking about how cute he is. (We've actually done that already a few times!)

We washed his hair today - there's so much of it! I don't have a picture but he has a lot on the back of his head, almost like a mini-mullet. That's so fly!