Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two weeks old already?!?!

Every day Shawn and I thank God for our son. We feel so blessed that we were given this child. I find myself constantly praying for him, that he'll know God as he grows up and that Shawn and I are able to be the parents God wants us to be. Jeremiah fits into our lives perfectly - it's amazing how God creates this little person that you never knew you could love so much. It's also amazing that God chooses to let us experience such love through the children He gives us. It breaks my heart when I think that we used to say we didn't want children - and that we'd be missing out on this incredible gift.

Happy 2 week birthday, Jeremiah!

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Jenny said...

I hear you...where does the time go? Reagan will be 4 wks on Friday...I could just cry!!

I think Jeremiah looks a lot like his Daddy in these pictures.