Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Warning: Ranting and Bathroom talk contained!

Jeremiah is a week old today!! I just can't believe it. I'll post some pictures later, if I have time. But right now, I'm just a little upset. Yesterday we took J. to the lab to have his 2nd part of the mandatory newborn screening done. Well, he apparently was having trouble bleeding for it, so the tech had to squeeze his little heel. He now has a bruise! My week-old son has his first bruise and it breaks my heart. Shawn's upset with the tech, I'm just upset. But it will heal. Friday, though (when he gets circumsized) will probably break my heart and I'll cry tons.

Now for a funny (if not gross) story - this morning I woke up and decided to take Jeremiah downstairs. I noticed he seemed damp and when I took his diaper off, discovered that he had somehow leaked all the way up his back. So, I start to get ready to take his onsie off to change that, and he starts pooping. A lot - and it gets everywhere! Oh my gosh, I thought I had the diaper under his cute little butt but I guess I didn't - it got all over the changing pad. Yucky! Then, of course, he starts peeing everywhere. It shot so far, it got all over my shorts, the floor, the changing pad, and himself. Now, this has happened to Shawn a couple of times, but not to me, but I guess it was my turn. So I took him to the sink and rinsed him off, then cleaned him up, changed his onsie and all was well. (I actually ran upstairs with Jeremiah and woke Shawn up to tell him.) We had a good laugh.

The joys of parenting!!


Our Family said...

Faith also didn't want to bleed. They poked her a few times!!! You should leave the room for tomorrow's big project...have Daddy stay with him.

I'll keep praying for sleep. A few more days. :)

Nichole said...

The second part of the story just made my day !!

Thanks for the entertainment !