Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Funny Quotes: Sarah

"When I grow up, I'm going to be a cleaning person.  No, a pink police officer."

"When will we be there?  This is taking a long time ago!!" 

"Can I be a finfess?"  (princess)

"Can I have some juicy please?"  (She says this while nodding, as if her nodding will encourage you to nod and say yes...a little sales person already!) 

"Mmmmm *slurp slurp*" (said whenever something is particularly delicious)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Month In Photos

Caleb and Anita came for a visit in the beginning of April...

We headed to Coronado Island for a mini-vacation.  

Breakfast by the beach..


Jeremiah was so happy to get the police helicopter.  


Family @ the Hotel Del Coronado 

Playing on the beach... (how cute are they??) 

S'mores on the beach.  

Better photo - but I love them both.  

Family shot before we left - I am wearing LEGGINGS!  Oh my gosh :) 

Easter Family photos in the front yard. 

Egg hunt at Cher's house. 

My little cutie squishy face.  
We went to a "princess ball" 

Jeremiah was my 'date' 

Jeremiah paid very close attention to the dance lessons.  Sarah...did not. 

We went out for sushi afterwards...the kids love sushi (and so do we!) 

This sweet gal had her tonsils out on 4/30.  Well, and her adenoids.  And they cut her frenulum.  

This is what she looked like post-surgery (still groggy). 

This is what she looked like later that day.  No ice cream, ice pop, milk shake could tempt her.  

Oh, and this pink eye the same day.  Sweet!  (not really)  At one point they were both screaming in her hospital room - she was having an exhausted meltdown, I was attempting to put eyedrops in his eyes.  

Sarah 'performing' her Puggles poem at Awana Awards Night.  

Jeremiah singing his Cubbies song.  

We celebrated at Scooptacular!  (where else!) 

Jeremiah memorized his whole book...and got the little bear on his shoulder!  Go J! 

Grandpa Dan came to visit!!  YAY!

We went to Schnepf Farms. 

How cute are these two?  So many good photo ops at Schnepf Farms. 

More photos with Grandpa. 

Running and jumping into our baby pool.  

Grandpa drawing for the kids.  (he's an amazing artist) 

And THAT'S THAT!  I'll try to stay more on top of things...we're going to be documenting the hilarious things the kids say.