Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bailey's house!

Today J and I headed over to Bailey's house to hang out. Shanna is taking care of Erika Bird right now (please pray for her brother, Trevor and their family as they are going through some difficult times). The house was kind of crazy - but fun crazy, not scary crazy. :-)

Here is cutie Bailey
And the sweetest baby I believe I've ever met, Erika:
J and Erika look weirdly alike, especially when they both were running around in their diapers - that white skin and blonde hair - from the back I couldn't tell them apart!! (and in this pic, J has on the pink bib and Erika the blue, LOL!)
Erika laughing at Sydney and J entranced by Elmo on television
Gosh she looks like her father, don't you think?

Eating with a spoon like a big boy (sigh)
Forward facing and unamused...
Sleeping in previously mentioned forward-facing carseat.
Mmmmm!! Black beans!!


Kristi said...

Fun crazy is not bad.

Praying for the Birds...

Nichole, Jeff & Baby "peanut" said...

What fun !!

did J even get any black beans in his little mouth ? :0)

Astraea said...

Praying for Trevor!

Those black beans look even yummier on J!! What a cutie!

Shelly said...

So he is finally 20 pound!! BIG BOY!! Sorry we missed it! When we get back we will be there again! :)

Jenny said...

I love those ikea bibs.