Friday, March 14, 2008

Now we're in trouble!

J took two steps on his own this morning before falling into my arms. I don't know how it happened - we'd been playing and I let him go - he was standing up and he took two steps towards me!! It was so unexpected I kept trying to get him to do it again but he wouldn't. Ah well, there's plenty of time for that later!!

Also, he has another ear infection. Poor guy - I think we caught it early this time so he's starting on the antibiotics today.

Here are a few pics for ya.

Standing on his own:

Playing in the pack n play:

Laughing hysterically at himself in the mirror:

He found a new hiding spot!


Andrea said...

uh-oh he is going to be busy busy soon walking in no time!!!

Shelly said...

Uh OHHHH!! Told you that he would be walking soon!! LOL! Poor baby another ear infection!!

Astraea said...

No comment...
The Toothless Wonder
(Who still doesn't really care about sitting up.)