Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Since it's starting to get 'warm' here - mid eighties - when J and I visited our friends Kim and Lily yesterday, J got to play in some water. He had a great time:

He loved the wet sand between the sand box and the water box.

Splash splash!

He was soaked - look at his face!!

Stripped down to his diaper:

My little monkey. Gosh I love him so much!!


Andrea said...

Those are so cute, looks like he had so much fun! You guys will have to come over to our clubhouse next time for a playdate, we have a pool with a beach he would love it!

Shelly said...

AWWW!! How cute!! He looks like he had a lot of fun! I hope Jayden likes it as much!

Rizzi Blog said...

He is so cute!!! I can't believe how big he is getting. Mario has the same blue shirt!