Friday, September 19, 2008

Seattle Day 2

This morning, we started off the day with Starbucks (because, really, what else would you start your day off with in Seattle?), then headed to Anita's employer, who just happens to, a few people in the Redmond, Washington area. We found a fun toy - it's called the "Surface" and I'm not sure if it was legal to or not, but I took a video of Jeremiah playing with one of the many fun games on it. It is a big touch screen that is built into a table and I am pretty sure Bubbie and I had more fun with it than Jeremiah did.

We had lunch on the campus and then J had a nap. Afterwards, we headed to U-Haul to pick up a moving truck - Shawn's sister Jenn is moving this weekend so Bubbie picked up the truck. I had to take a pic of her driving the giant thing for Shawn.

J and Bubbie played a little.

Then, while Caleb and Bubbie headed out to pick up pizza, J and I played outside in the backyard. J has never seen one of these before.

After dinner we tried to get a pic of the three of was difficult.

And, of course, a couple minutes before I was going to start getting J ready for bed, Caleb and he suddenly found a game they could play together - chasing. It was hilarious and adorable, Jeremiah had the best time and they were both sad when it was time for J to go to bed. (bedtime is 630pm...last night he went to bed at 730pm and you'd think he would have slept later...well...he doesn't work that way...he was up at 430am and wouldn't to back to sleep.)


Shelly said...

AWWW it sounds like you all are having a ball there! Are you going to come back home? LOL

Kim F said...

Looks like a blast! I understand the "going to bed late and not sleeping in" thing. Lily is exactly the same way. I love J's long hair!

The Johnson Family said...

It's hilarious when little kids chase eachother. Otis & Rea do it all day and it just makes me laugh watching their little legs move.