Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Branson, the final days

Sorry for slacking off!!

Friday morning, Shawn, J, and I had 'antique' or old time photos done. Here are the ones we bought:

This picture of J is so cute I just want to squeeze him every time I look at it!!

After that we went to Branson Landing , this cute outdoor mall along the waterfront. It was so nice!

Having lunch.

J really wanted the lemon from my water so I let him have it. Silly boy!

The "water/fire" show along the lake. If it's one thing Americans love, it's water and fire shooting out of things!! (there will be a video later!)

A pic of everyone!

More to come later...


Jen said...

You guys look great "old Fashioned." I always wanted to get one of those...

Kim said...

J is just too precious!

Nichole, Jeff & Baby "peanut" said...

The old fashioned pictures are wonderful.. I love that one of J !!

Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

Shelly said...

Love the old fashion ones!! They are so cute!!! J is a little ham with the camera!