Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Branson Day 2

Footie Jammers

Someone thought it would be a good idea to leave the garbage out the night before. Ooops!!

Morning at the playground - I'm pretty sure he mistook this huge chipmunk for our dog, Prince. He usually hugs him that way.

The cute bridge leading into the condo development.

While the crew went jet-skiing, the three of us headed out for a little hike at an observation area we found while cruising around. The weather was perfect and for some reason being surrounded by all these trees made me very homesick for Wisconsin.

Pictures really don't do the view justice - it's all trees and rolling hills out there, so beautiful and so green.

Look at them trees!

Take a picture in front of them!

J loved walking along the path and picking up (and sometimes eating) rocks. And dirt. He is really an outdoors kid. (made me very excited for winter here in Az!)

That night after dinner, we all headed out for frozen custard, a treat that you don't find here in Phoenix. J had his first taste of it:

And more tastes of it...(see his hands? he's signing 'more,' he's also learned the sign for 'please' and that it will almost always get him what he wants. yikes)

J and his new BFF, Alec (13). Alec was really great with him. It was sweet.
I think I know a few people who could fill the manager position, right?

I made them turn around - Alec looks like this in all his pictures - almost no smiles. But he's a happy guy.


Kim said...

Love the footie PJs! And oh how I miss frozen custard...yummy!

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin is homesick for you too, hon!

-Cousin Jen

feather said...

I love the trees in the background... I can't wait for winter in Arizona!

Shelly said...

Keep them coming! I love seeing all the pictures!!! What a little cutie!!

Jasmyn said...

You can have custard here too if you are ever feeling homesick. Try Nielson's Frozen Custard in Mesa off of Gilbert and Southern. It is A-mazing and very yummy :)