Monday, September 29, 2008

Verde Valley and Prescott

On Saturday we once again got out of Dodge (or Phoenix, if you will) to head up north for some cooler temps.

First we went to Verde River Days (I think?) at a park in Cottonwood, Az. Jeremiah loved, and I mean LOVED the Civil War Battle re-enactment.

There was lots of shooting and canon blasts.

I thought for sure J would be scared...nope! You can't see but he's signing 'more' and would keep signing every time they stopped shooting. And the canon blasts were very loud!!

Watching a band with Daddy

After we left, we stopped for lunch @ Sonic and ate in the car. It was so much fun - here was our 'table.'

J enjoyed his popcorn chicken.

After leaving Cottonwood we headed for Prescott through Jerome (89A South?) It's a beautiful drive, it's through Mingus mountain and if you've never done it before, I totally recommend it!
The view looking towards Sedona once you pass through Jerome - beautiful!

There were some scattered rain showers.

J figured out this made me yup, he kept doing it. Oops!!

Finally we made it to downtown Prescott.

Daddy helping J.

After J ran off some pent-up energy, we got ice cream then headed back out on the road towards home.


Rangels said...

He looks so old in that pic of him putting his finger up his nose. not because of that, but he just looks so big to me. yikes..our BABIES are getting to big.

Shelly said...

Wow my niece would have LOVED that!! Looks like you have a little historian on your hands! He has a face of pure bliss!! Looks like it was lots of fun!

Kim F said...

i love that you take so many day trips. fun!
and the finger up the nose...priceless. i love J!

mini and brother said...

Ice cream and Sonic... sounds like a sweet roadtrip.
Cute nose picking too.
How are you feeling?

Rachel said...

I just have to say, because it keeps bothering me...that I can't believe how hairy my arm looks in the nose picking pic. That is my arm, not a dogs leg or something. I'm really embarrassed. (And of course, we'll try to discourage the nose-picking in the future)

The Johnson Family said...

Mmmm Sonic...wish we had one in Wisconsin. Ahh the famous finger in the nose. Good luck with that one!