Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friday night and Saturday - our last day :-(

So this recap has taken me nearly two weeks. Gosh I need to get on the ball!!

Friday night Shawn and I went back to Branson Landing after J was in bed. Karen and Dan were nice enough to let us out for yet another date night! It was so nice outside - I was expecting mosquitoes but I don't think I was bit once!

FIRE!! You don't really need the sound for this video - a cover band was playing but I wanted you to see the sheer wicked-awesomeness of the flaming water show!

We didn't go in, but I had to get a pic of the "Bud Store" - all Budweiser stuff. Reminded me of home... :-) (except replace "Bud" with "Miller")

After grabbing some nachos at a fancy Mexican restaurant on the waterfront (and only a slightly embarassing incident involving my poor Spanish language skills), we walked back along the lake to our car. The mist was a bit creepy!

Every morning we'd all cuddle in bed once J woke up. This is how Shawn looks when he first wakes up!

That's better!

This is inside (long title here) "The Shepard of the Hills Inspiration Tower" - it's quite beautiful. J and I stayed inside while Shawn and the kids went to the outside observation deck - um, no thanks!

Looking down...again, no thanks!!

Alec and Krystal dutifully posing.

He. Never. Stops. Moving. (unless he's sleeping, but even then he twitches a lot)

Safely back on the ground - J's thinking: "What's up with that dog??"

The kids walking.

We did a little shopping afterwards then headed home to pack up - we had to leave Branson around 530am to get to the Springfield airport and drop off the rental car for our 845am flight.

They had a great play area right by our gate just for ones J's size. He loved it.

And finally, on the ground in Phoenix - glad to be home but sad to be back in the oppressive heat. Thanks for traveling with us!

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