Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Out of Africa!

A couple of weekends ago, Shawn, J and I along with Grandma and Grandpa G headed over to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park which is in Camp Verde. We had a buy one adult ticket, get one free...and Jeremiah's already free, so we figured why not! It was so much fun.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring the extra camera battery and ours died while we were there, so I only have a few pictures.

J & Daddy on the bus..a little warm. (it was "only" 97 outside)

Stinky giraffe who got up close and personal with our bus (we got to feed him later, too!!)

These zebras were not afraid at all.

I mean, not afraid at all!! I was trying to plan out how exactly I'd protect Jeremiah if a crazy zebra boarded our bus. They're not nice like horses, I hope you know!

We also saw...(not up close and personal, thank you very much!) lions...

Tigers...(we actually saw them being fed raw meat by a worker...yikes)

And bears!

These are grizzly bear cubs wrestling.

Here is a grey wolf being fed raw meat. He acted so much like a dog I'm not sure if I'd be afraid of him if I saw him in the wild. (he whined, scratched at his cage, etc when he saw the lady coming with the bucket)

And just for fun..I found this hat at the dollar store. I call it J's "pimp hat" yes, that's awful, I know, but what else could you call it?

I told him to "smile" - yikes.


Shelly said...

LOL! You look like you had fun!! Mike and I will have to go to that park! The "pimp" hat is great!! I Love it!

The Johnson Family said...

Wow seems like a very cool place to visit. I hope that's not going to be J's Halloween costume!