Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No rest for the pregnant!

But, of course, I'm doing to myself. On Saturday I 'put together' (term used very loosely) the stroller and carseat. The carseat still needs to be installed in the car, Shawn will probably do that soon, I hope. Otherwise I'll just do it myself, because I'm going CRAZY.

My stepdad called it the "Cadillac of all strollers." It's pretty nice, it's the Evenflo travel system w/ the Embrace Infant carseat.

The carseat is nice, but I can't figure out how I'm going to put a baby in there. Maybe I should practice w/ Pooh. (He's become our practice 'baby')

On Saturday I assembled - yes ASSEMBLED - the swing. That thing was a PAIN. Thinking about it makes me frustrated all over again - I had to walk away from it several times before it was completed. But it is nice - I sure hope Baby G likes it because if he doesn't...*shakes fist*

And I threw the pack and play together tonight. What an easy product! I guess it's supposed to be, since you can transport it wherever. But after the swing experience (another Graco product), I expected something much worse. Of course, it's missing pieces (to nothing important, hooks to hang something called the "parent helper" LOL), but they will arrive soon, I'm sure.

My living room is PACKED full of furniture. The pack and play might get moved, the spot I put it will make it nearly impossible to do diaper changes and the like. I have a spot for it kind of cleared, we'll see what Shawn thinks later.

And before you ask, I don't know why there is a dark spot on the couch. It's a suede-like material and looks darker if the fabric is 'pushed' a certain way. Plus, you get a BONUS pic of my handsome dog, Prince. What a cutie!

Now I'm off to make the bed, and maybe do some more laundry. Anything that could possibly bring on labor. Is it wrong that when I have a contraction, and it's even slightly painful, I get excited - thinking - "Maybe it's starting?!?!" I honestly cannot wait for labor to begin, I know all you haters are like: "It's gonna hurt," but you know what? I am okay with pain. Pain doesn't bother me. I'm ready to meet my G-man and announce his (very secret) name to the world!


blogyn said...

I'd like to hear you say "pain doesn't bother me" after your delivery. We might have a good laugh together over that one...;)

Rachel said...

Everyone keeps saying that!