Thursday, June 14, 2007

Are we there yet??

Oh gosh...I am feeling like a little kid, giddy with excitement and totally impatient to get somewhere.

Here's me @ 38 weeks:

Shawn thinks my belly looks 'lower' than it did before. I don't know if I can tell. My doc told me at my appt Tuesday that I've had no change in status, and I'm not really surprised. I've been having contractions but nothing painful, so I don't see how I could progres without contractions happening, right?

Here are some new pics of the nursery, as you can see, we moved things around.
We still have a few things to hang up (some pics, the curtain, and the shelf) but other than that, his room is done - who-hoo!!

The Crib:

Changing table & dresser (from ikea - Sweet deal and a nice piece of furniture!)

Hamper, glider (from Tracie Rollins - thank you!!), and little toy box (from Ikea)

The closet - I love all the little clothes!

I really wanted to write more but the comp is being wonky and I need to get ready for work - I have only SIX days left. My goodness!!!

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