Friday, June 29, 2007

More Jeremiah Pics - our first day at home!

We had quite a night last night, that's for sure! Lots of troubleshooting and learning happened - so much more than I was expecting! Today we had Jeremiah's first doctor's appointment and it went well. We talked about feeding and then we had to take him for some lab work (his biliruben test came back elevated at the hospital), and he was a trooper. Here is all dressed up in his car seat - what a cutie!

And here he is in the swing grandma G bought him:

And sitting with daddy:

Here he is in the pack and play, with a bear his Great-Grandma Roland got him. So adorable!!

And lastly, here are some gorgeous flowers from Shawn's co-workers - how sweet!


Mikele said...

Now you have a picture of him in every conceivable spot in your house. :)


Monica said...

He is too cute. Looks right at home, Shawn looks so proud. I'm thinking he looks like his mom. Just remember, I don't babysit until they can walk! :-)

Our Family said...

I pray you sleepless nights don't last for long. :)