Monday, June 25, 2007

More memories...

Recently, Shawn and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary (on June 18th). While cleaning I found the CD of pictures that my mother in law, Anita, had taken at our wedding and the days leading up to it. She took a bunch, and here are some of my absolute favorites.

This is me and my two best friends (they are from Wisconsin) the day before the wedding, relaxing in the pool before the rehearsal.
Tiffany, Shannon, and me (duh). People always said we looked like sisters - I think it was just all that blonde hair. I miss you girls!!

Anita's the only one with pictures of the rehersal itself, this is probably my favorite. I have no idea what the heck we're doing! Maybe practicing blowing out the candles for the unity candle? No clue. But a silly pic, nonetheless.

Here's my favorite from the ceremony - none of the professional pics really have my face because my hair was blocking it...kind of on purpose on my part, I didn't want people to see my face all scrunched up if I cried (I didn't). I'm not sure why I'm making this face - I blame Shawn (of course).

We kept the ceremony short and sweet - we had a party to get to! And trust me, we did party! The wedding was held at the Red Mountain Ranch Country Club in EAST Mesa. I'm talking what used to be the end of the 202 back in 05. It was far away, but totally worth it. The reception room overlooked this gorgeous sunset:

Of course, it was 110 degrees outside. But still beautiful. On to the party!! This next picture is for Anita. She's posing with her two sisters and her brother, and the funniest part about it is her husband, Ken, in the background - with a big ol' grin like he's supposed to be in the picture, too! Wait to go, Ken!!

Party time! The dance floor was packed all night - I know I was so happy that Shawn's family danced - my family is pretty wild, but they kept up with us! It was so worth it!!

Shawn's grandpa and his lady, Margaret, danced all night. Not kidding - even to "Shiny Disco Balls" (one of my favorite dance songs!) It was fabulous! (They are the couple in the lower left hand corner)

We left I think around 1130 or so, I don't remember. But we paid for the room and DJs til 12am. So what do these crazy people do??

Shawn and I: "Bye everyone! See you later!"

Everyone: "Great, they're gone - back to the party!!"

If you've made it this far, congrats, LOL! I just really loved our wedding and am so thankful Anita took all these pictures. They brought back so many beautiful memories of that day.

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agentn said...

Rachel -- Thinking of you and "G's" BIG day. Best wishes for a "speedy" delivery. Found this cool prayer this morning:

Everything's ready. The nursery is done. Little clothes fill the chest of drawers and hang in the closet. The car seat waits patiently. I have completed my "to-do" lists, but all the while I've had this nagging feeling that I'm forgetting something. I've finally realized that in the blur of activity, I've neglected to spend time with You-worshipping with a still mind and a reverent heart.

This child I am carrying deserves a mommy who is spiritually strong-a woman who walks with God and listens to His leading. This baby needs a mommy who remembers the importance of being still in Your presence.

Come, meet with me in the midst of my need, and fill me up, I pray. I'm not very good at being still, but I yearn for the growth that comes from that time with You. When I'm walking with You, I'm not flighty or jittery-the world doesn't get on my nerves and my cynical heart becomes a heart of compassion. My patience is multiplied. And the reward is a more godly woman. I think I act more like You after I've spent time with You. That's what I want, yet I've let busyness rule my days.

Thank You for letting me start over time and time again. Thank You for forgiving my forgetfulness and for leading me back into Your presence. Please keep me from wandering away. I want many days to be still and truly know You as my God. I want the power of Your presence to transform me from within and make my life a blessing to those around me. Because You alone are worthy of my praise, Amen.

Be still, and know that I am God. -- Psalm 46:10

Excerpted from Prayers for the Mother to Be by Angela Thomas