Friday, April 3, 2009

1 week!!

Happy 1 week birthday to Miss Sarah! She's doing great, we're still figuring out the best place for her to sleep at night (currently she prefers our bed, which is ok, but not something I want to continue for long.) She's a sweetie and seems pretty content - she'll be awake for long periods of time without crying, and I don't really remember J being like that.

Sleepy face...

J and his little sister.

At the park.

The first video of Sarah (plus J on the swing like a big boy!)

Helping with yardwork - he's a great helper!

Cuddles with daddy!

Shawn asked J if he wanted to be swaddled like Sarah - he said yes. So we did.

We've had a lot of this lately - actually just when the camera comes out. J likes taking pictures (mostly of his face close-up) and gets upset when you try to take a picture of him.

She really reminds me of J in this pic.

(comparison pic of J from when he was about her age, maybe a little older)

Sharing J's couch. He is holding her hand - so cute!!


Shannon said...

Awww... J's going to be such a good big brother :)

Shelly said...

sounds like the family is getting settled in! I can't wait to see her on Monday!

mini and brother said...

CUTE!! Love the last one!

The Johnson Family said...

The couch photos are adorable - enjoy it while it lasts - they won't always been this nice to eachother :)