Monday, April 20, 2009

Bubbie's visit!

We had so much fun with Shawn's mom, who J calls "Bubbie," this week. He was really attached to her and we were all sad to see her leave this morning. :-(

J got a very coveted present - a sandbox! He loves it.

Friday we went to the Wildlife World Zoo. J could have watched the log ride all day.

I love this picture - that lobster is HUGE!

I don't know why we bothered with the stroller - he just ran around the whole time.

A family shot.

We also had some fun at the park by our house.

J kept hollering "HIGH!" but Bubbie didn't want to push him too high.

This is how high Shawn pushes him. And he loves it! Crazy kid.

Bubbie and Sweet Pea

J having fun on his bike.

What the???

Bubbie and Sarah relaxing.

J watering the plants.

And working on his upper-body strength.

Too cute. (he was laughing because she kept tilting over - he finds it hilarious when she falls. Poor thing)


The Rangels said...

looks like you guys had tons of fun!!!!

The Johnson Family said...

I can't believe how much Sarah is growing already - she's starting to get that 'filling out' look. What a cutie!

Emily said...

His smile is seriously contagious! I love the dog in the bone-dry fountain...I had the exact same sand box growing up.