Monday, April 27, 2009

1 month / 22 months

I honestly cannot believe how Sarah's first month has flown! It's been a bit hectic but totally worth it. At one month, she's doing great with holding her head up on her own. She's pretty sporatic on sleep - one night is great, the next is awful. She also projectile vomits at least one time a day, that's always fun but I'm learning to face her away from me and if she seems like she's going to be sick, to move her over the sink or at least over our tile floor instead of our carpet. She's growing like crazy - not sure how big she is (her appt is on Wednesday) but she's out of newborn diapers and clothes - J was in them until 6 weeks! I think she was in size 1 diapers at 3 weeks, maybe sooner. I had no idea siblings could grow so differently!

All wrapped up in the Moby wrap - I love it and highly recommend it - thanks for letting me borrow it, Shanna!

Snoozing on Daddy - surprise!

I love her little hands, they are just adorable!

Jeremiah is also 22 months today. Only 2 short months until the big 2. I can't believe my 'baby' is growing so quickly. It seems like we just brought him home from the hospital. He is quite a firecracker. He is stubborn and likes things done his way and when they're not - the whole neighborhood hears about it. He is also very sweet at moments, cuddling with Shawn or I in the evening before bed. He loves reading books - although most of the reading is done before bed - as soon as we head upstairs for bed he starts asking for 'boop' which is book in J-speak. He's talking a lot more but he pretty much only speaks his own language. "dada" could mean Shawn or Barney. "mama" could mean me, Elmo or Nemo. (lately we've been watching a little more TV than normal.) He loves to 'datch' - dance.



This morning - he looks so grown in this picture!


Candi said...

I cant believe your little girl is already a month old! Time flies:) I cant find your google follow button on your page, do you have one?

Jasmyn said...

Wow how fast a month can pass. And the big "2" coming up too....that one was I think more of a big deal than turning one.

The Rangels said...

Oh I love your family. So precious.