Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

This is only about a week late! Oops. Our first Easter as a family of four was fun - busy, with a few tears, but fun.

I dressed both kids in yellow. I was hoping for a cute pic of the both of them together. Didn't happen. But...
Cute J - love the hair!

Sweet baby girl.

Attempt #1 for a family picture = FAIL.

That's better!

After a great church service, we headed home and had most of our AZ family over for food. We missed Mick and Ari though!

After J woke from his nap, there was an Easter egg hunt. He figured out pretty quickly what to do!

Noah helping J - I think after this J followed Noah around like a puppy.

J and his stash!

Sarah got plenty of attention from everyone!

Everyone enjoyed the backyard and the new (now spider-free!) canopy.

Noah didn't put this guitar down almost the entire time he was here. I think he wants a guitar for his birthday.

Kris + Baby Sweet Pea

J really liked Noah. I'm not sure how mutual the feeling was, but Noah tolerated him. It was sweet.

J & his new Wiggles backpack from Kris & the family. He loves it! I let him take it as his diaper bag to MOPs yesterday and he carried it himself. Yes, it's a little big but he'll grow into it.

And J got a haircut. He's looking so big!

Happy (late) Easter!


Shelly said...

Looks like it was a great Easter!! Happy Easter a week late to you too!! What a great little family!

The Johnson Family said...

Love the haircut!! Your looking good too - can't wait to chat with you.