Monday, April 13, 2009

2 weeks already??

So Sarah's hit the half-month birthday and passed it. She's doing great. Time is flying by it seems - unless, of course, it's midnight and she doesn't want to sleep. Then time seems to creep by!

Her belly button stump thingy fell off so we started doing tummy time with her. This is about all she does - she doesn't even try to lift her head!

Look at those eyes!

Uh-oh! She's giving us a sign of what a firecracker she's going to be. See it?

J coloring. We had a fun time!

Friday I made my first 'big trip' with both J & Sarah - we went to the zoo. I think it went pretty well!

Sarah rode very happily (and sleepily) in the sling the whole time!

BFFs. (or future spouses???) LOL!

J decided he wanted to go to work like Daddy - cute!

Reading time!

Some J-love for Mama. (which I've been missing big time! He seems to scream 'NO!' whenever I ask for a hug or a kiss lately)

Yay for a family picture!!

Saturday night Shawn's mom, Anita aka Bubbie, arrived! J was so excited to see her.

Sarah had her first bath on Saturday night, too. She liked it until the end, when she was cold.

Now she lifts her head? Look at her - all wrapped up, warm and in Daddy's arms!


Jennifer said...

Very nice pics!

Emily said...

HAHAHA! I definitely see the "sign" she's giving you! They are both cute as bugs in rugs.