Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Warning! Creepy spider picture (followed by cute kids)

Shawn noticed this creepy thing on a canopy that we'd spent the evening before (in the DARK) putting up. I've never seen a spider quite like it - my theory is it hitched a ride in the box from China and if it had bitten one of us we would have died as no hospital would have had the anti-venom. I am just a bowl of sunshine, aren't I?

Now that I've managed to either scare you or make you sick, here are those cute kids I promised.

Baby Sarah @ 11 days. Newborns really don't do much but we have tons of videos of J and we watched some the other day - it was so fun to 'watch' him grow through the videos. And kind of bittersweet.

Her jaundice is clearing up - yay!

Naughty boy is naughty! Surprise. (this really isn't naughty behavior, I let him play in the bouncy seat)

Just chillin.

Swinging like a clock.

This morning I let J explore his creative side with the camera while I fed Sarah. He wants me to show you all these:

A toy.

His feet (the subject of the majority of his work)

And Patches.

I can really appreciate the lighting in these photos, can't you?


Shannon said...

Okay, first off, that spider is freaky! Kind of looks like a tick when they are all filled up, yuck!! Peace to you too Sarah, lol! And did you notice in the swinging clock picture it looks like there is an "orb" (I think that's what they call them?).

Andrea said...

Awww, I finally was able to look at your blog, Sarah is so pretty! Congrats again!

Astraea said...

Please say you killed the spider?!?!?!?

Rachel said...

Oh yes, the spider is deader than dead. :-)

Emily said...

Please tell J that I enjoyed looking at the pictures he wanted to post! :)

They are so sweet! And Patches is a cutie.

The Rangels said...

Ok spider I don't like. But I love that pic. of Sarah Pea chilin. Sooo cute!!! J too, but hes a boy.j/k