Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First days at home.

Life has been pretty good - crazy, but good - with Sarah home and J adjusting to having a new little sister.

A little half smile while sleeping - check out that dimple! (She has one on the other side, too)

J being sweet to Sarah.

Hello there!

Balancing two is a little tricky, LOL!

Friends brought us dinner on Sunday night - they also brought J a Mr. Potato Head as a gift. He loves the lips - silly!

Grandma G came for a visit on Monday.

Shawn was outside using the grill on Monday evening so, while Sarah slept, J and I hung out with him outside. J started bringing me flowers and then JUMPED at the suggestion that he pick some for Sarah.
He ran back and forth as many times as I let him.

See her flowers?

How about now? What a sweetie.

We had baby back ribs for dinner - sooo good. J wasn't sure what to do at first! I laughed so hard when he started saying "Dada?" into his 'phone.'

There we go - that's how you eat a rib!


This morning was Sarah's follow up visit with the doctor. She isn't a huge fan of the carseat.

The dr's appt went great - she weighs 7lbs 8.5oz, from 8lbs 1oz at birth. It's about 6% of her body weight. The doctor thinks she's probably stopped losing weight and is now gaining it back considering how often she eats. She hated being in her diaper and checked out - poor thing! But now she's sleeping happily. Kim watched J while we were there so that was a huge help.

Sarah's name - a few people have asked how we picked her name. Sarah's always been one of my favorite names for a girl - it's just pretty and, being Biblical like Jeremiah, would 'go' along with his name. Shawn also didn't veto it, which was a great thing! Theresa was my Busia's middle name, also. She was my father's mom, and we were very close. I still miss her dearly and wanted to pass part of her name down to our daughter. The final thing that sealed the deal, so to speak, is that her initials are the same as Shawn's - STR. So I think he really liked that she'd have that in common with him - at least until she gets married and changes her name. (Which Shawn says is never happening!)


Shelly said...

What the sweet boy! Giving flowers to his little sister! SOOO cute!! She is so sweet! Can't wait to see how J is with her when I come on Monday. I love the explanation of Sarah's name!

The Johnson Family said...

J is flipping adorable with those flowers! Looks like you guys are settling in well with the new addition :)

mini and brother said...

She's beautiful. The phone picutre is my favorite.

The Rangels said...

Very cute family you have. you all look like your adjusting just fine. How exciting to welcome a new little healthy life to God's kingdom.

Emily said...

What a doll! Looks like everyone is finding a nice groove together!