Monday, March 16, 2009

The nursery...

Today (well technically yesterday as it's 330am Monday morning), Kim came over and helped me decorate Sweet Pea's room. It turned out really cute! There is another wall that has 2 shadowboxes plus a name plaque (currently blank) but I didn't take a pic since it was a bit incomplete.



We (okay, Kim, I just barked orders) moved the cactus print and hung some art done by another friend, Brittany over the changing table.

Then the stickers! They technically aren't stickers because I don't know how you'd get them off the wall, but they sure were easy to put on. (I did help here)

Shot so you can see the crib better.

Kinda feel a little bad for SP - her room is clearly much smaller than J's and has less storage for clothes (he has a huge 6 drawer dresser, she only has the changing table plus a small 3 drawer dresser.) I just keep telling myself she won't really care til she's older - right?

11 days to go... :-)

Edited to add a couple more pics - here's the wall opposite the crib:

Shadowbox 1

Shadowbox 2 - I tried using stuff from the shower, cards, ribbon from the diaper cake, etc in both of them, just as a way to keep things as I'm in such a throwaway mood lately.

Oh and PS - I <3 child labor! (<3 = a heart)


Rizzi Blog said...

It looks so good! Yes, she won't care until she's older, and it's pink! What girl wouldn't love that? :)

Mikele said...

Are your walls dusty?

Her room looks so sweet and remember that her clothes will be smallllller, so they'll all fit. For now.

Kim F said...

WOW! you already did the 2nd shadow box?! guess you aren't sleeping well. SP will love her room!

Shelly said...

It looks so cute!! Can't wait to see SP face! Looks like J helped too!! ;)

mini and brother said...

Really cute room! I am so excited to see pictures and find out her name!!!!!!! You better blog from the hospital!

The Rangels said...

Very well done you two!!!can't wait to see her sweet face.

Robyn said...

Very cute room for her :) Is it strange that I think those dusters are so fun? Don't answer that.

Mrs. Spice said...

She'll love her room! Can't wait to meet her! Oh, and don't worry....we also use child labor here. Last week Asha changed the oil in the car and sprayed weed killer in the yard.

Jenny said...

Cute! And give yourself 3 cheers for getting the room done!