Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clearing the memory card...

because I hope to fill it with pics of an adorable newborn soon! Or not. I am feeling pretty good, been cleaning like crazy, but other than that, pretty good. Had a few instances of contractions coming every 15 minutes and then me getting really excited...only to have them leave again. Ah well! God knows when she's going to come and when she's ready to be born and I just need not worry about it.

Like any other child, J loves the digital camera. When he gets bored sometimes I'll grab it and take pics of him - he loves seeing them right away. What did our parents do - I can't imagine actually waiting to see the pictures!


That's better. Such a fake smile, though.

Naughty - he knows he's not supposed to stand on it.

Here are a couple of progress pics of SP's room. We got the bed out of there, and we have a crib and changing table. Shawn will be putting things together this Saturday and Sunday I hope to decorate. Then she can come ANYTIME - you hear me in there little baby girl??


Mikele said...

He looks so grown up with short hair! I can't wait to hear that little sweet pea's name.

Rizzi Blog said...

CUTE pics! Can't wait to see the one's of SP!!!

Nichole, Jeff & Audrey (aka Peanut) said...

Hurry up on that room !! I want to see pictures !!

I can't wait to see SP too... not too much longer !! Seems like yesterday you told me you were PG... wow.