Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sarah's story!

When I posted my last blog, I really was up because of my hands. But also because I was having contractions. They were 4 minutes apart but not painful and very short - like 30 seconds. By 530am they got more intense, so I called my mom and told her to head over. We didn't head to the hospital til 9am (arrived around 930am) because they just weren't that bad - but I was worried about a fast labor since J came so quickly!

We took lots of pics before we left.

Once we arrived at the hospital, things did not progress like I expected. It was much, much slower. Shawn and I guessed on time of birth, weight and length. Shawn guessed she'd be born at 3pm, weigh 7lbs 8oz and be 20 3/4" long. I guessed she'd be born at 330pm, weigh 6lbs 13oz and be 20" long. Well, we were quite wrong on the time. At 330pm I was 'barely' dilated to 4cm to my doctor broke my water. An hour later I got an epidural, but was only at 5 (the contractions felt much worse though!) Around 530pm, Sarah's heart rate started dropping with contractions. The nurse looked very concerned and put me on oxygen. I got scared - what mom wouldn't? But very soon after that, it was time to push! She came out very easily - like 2 pushes. The cord was wrapped around her neck so I guess that's what caused her heartrate to slow down. Once she was out, she was great. Screaming her perfect head off! She arrived at 610pm. We were both quite off on the times!

After the epidural - happy times!

I was sobbing when they gave her to me - she was gorgeous!

Warming up in my gown! So cute.

She's EIGHT pounds (and an ounce!) How is that possible??

Very proud daddy with his gorgeous daughter.

Look at her thighs! They are very muscular. All that kicking, I guess!

After a 4am feeding. She, unlike her big bro, is a great nurser! Yay!

She's a doll, right?

Breakfast was disappointing - I'm like "This is what you give a woman who is nursing and gave birth 12 hours ago?!?" I was seriously still starving afterwards. (FYI, lunch and dinner did make up for the measley breakfast)

J meets his sister for the first time. He definitely likes kissing her!

Daddy and his babies.

Shawn's trying to get J to look at Sarah's feet instead of trashing the hospital room. J was only interested for about .1 seconds.


Grandma G came to visit!

So did Grandpa G!

Finally, it was time to leave! We don't like being at the hospital for long, either, Sarah. Cute outfit though!

That's better. Sweet Pea...

We left around 8pm Saturday night - so we were at the hospital almost 36 hours. Not bad. We'll see how our first night home with Sarah goes - our first night with J was a nightmare - hopefully we're better equipped this time!


Shelly said...

She is so adorable!! I love the outfit you picked! She looks so cute in it! I had the same problem with Jayden his heart rate kept getting low with each contraction! ! I am so happy she is here! Good luck on the first night home!! I hope you sleep well!! I will come over maybe sometime next week when you feel up to it! :) Congats again!

mini and brother said...

I love every detail. How wonderful. I love her outfit! So happy for you guys!!

Kristi said...

What a beaut! Hope the transition home & with J is great. If it's not at first, it will be!

Congrats Mama of two!

Rizzi Blog said...

She is absoulutely gorgeous!!!! Congratulations to your whole family!

The Rangels said...

Girl friend you look great. and you look like you feel good, I loved that high you get after having a baby. I can't wait to meet her.

Jasmyn said...

Love her cute outfit and sweet bow! Glad everything went smoothly, now you get to enjoy her! Congrats:)

Astraea said...

Yeah for a good nurser!! Makes life so much easier! I'll be praying for sleep for all of you. ;)

Shannon said...

Oh Rach, she's absolutely beautifull!

Jen said...

Congratulations! How exciting! Hope you're all adjusting well!

Robyn said...

Congratulations!!! What a sweet little blessing. Enjoy every moment :)

Jenny said...

Thanks for the story; nice blogging! Glad the new craziness is going well.

Jenny said...

Oh, and the two push thing - maybe you're one of those who was made to birth babies!