Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The latest (or the late...est post)

Shawn had Martin Luther King Jr. day off from work, so we decided to head to downtown Phoenix. We ended up at the Downtown Civic Space Park..(what a name, huh?) It's also known as...

That place with the weird jellyfish looking thing hovering over it. It was actually a great space - clean, with green grass, big buildings towering over you, very few people...we had a great time. There's no playground, but the kids 'balanced' on the barriers and ran around on the grass. We also shook some trees to get their leaves to fall. FUN!

For lunch, we walked down to The Hero Factory and walked back for a sweet picnic. (If you like sandwiches, I highly recommend going The Hero Factory!)

Then we rode the train all the way to ASU in Tempe. Why? Because we could. Jeremiah loved it!

At ASU, where we let the kids run around before getting back on the train to downtown. Just before this hug, Jeremiah told me: "I've never had a baby Sarah before! I love her so much." Silly boy.

That evening we FINALLY convinced Jeremiah to let Shawn cut his hair. It just was so crazy every morning!

Why is he drooling? I don't know! But this is the after picture. I don't know, I kind of liked his long crazy hair. Short it cute too though.

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