Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Uncle Steve!

My younger (I really cannot say 'little' anymore!) brother came to visit us as well as run the PF Changs Marathon. He's a runner, and just ran a marathon in October back in Wisconsin. We were so excited just to have him visiting, though!

Seriously, Jeremiah was stuck to his side right away!

During Wall-E, he just had to 'rest' on Uncle Steve.

Sarah was a big fan, too!

Race Day! We were ready with our signs...

We don't see him yet, we're just pretending!

See the big guy, with the sunglasses? That's him!

Sadly, after he reached us he told us he wouldn't be able to continue the race. He has asthma and it started acting up really badly, to the point where he lost circulation in his feet. His feet 'fell asleep' around mile 3 and he kept running until mile 8, where we were! FIVE MILES he ran, in pain! I was so proud of him, I nearly cried. I'm still so proud of him, no matter how far he ran. (I mean look at him, it's pretty obvious he's in good shape!)

So, we took him out to breakfast at the Farm at South Mountain to celebrate.

While waiting for our table, Jeremiah happily jumped from hay bale to hay bale.

Sarah and her favorite Uncle! (She was actually saying 'uncle' by the time he left! what a talker!)

She really loves him!

My 'little' brother and I!

Mom and her two grown up kiddos.

PS Go Pack Go!

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