Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do

I know this picture is a little blurry, but it illustrates how much Sarah wants to be like her big brother. He fell and really cut his chin, so we put a band-aid over it to keep it from getting messed with. Sarah followed me around pointing to her chin until she got one, too.

Everything Jeremiah does, she wants to do. And for the most part, Jeremiah tolerates her very well. They've been playing together so nicely, and it's great. Although, sometimes, they don't play so nicely. The other day, Jeremiah came to me and said: "Mommy, Sarah's in my room and I want her to leave!" Already?!?!

It makes parenting a little difficult sometimes. If J gets a regular cup, Sarah wants one too. I have to decide if I want to clean up after her and risk a broken cup (we don't use plastic cups except for sippy cups), or have her whine about wanting one.

The kids are so fun right now, and I'm so happy to see them growing up together! If only they'd stay so close forever.

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