Friday, January 14, 2011


Photo by Andrea Whittle

I tell ya, this kid just keeps growing! What's up with that?!? He's in such a strange phase right now - one moment still clinging to babyhood, the next, trying so hard to grow up. I don't get it. I'm going through the same thing though - when he's acting like a baby, ("I can't do it!"), I want him to grow up a little. And when he acts like a big boy (refusing kisses and hugs), I want him to act a little more babyish. It's such a struggle!

He is such a sweet boy. At three and a half, he can do so much himself.

He likes to get cereal ready for himself and Sarah, he can completely dress himself (although some mornings he prefers my help), he can turn on the TV, change the channel, and choose what he wants on our instant Netflix. (Like when he chose to watch "Food Inc" - not exactly a kid movie, ha ha.) He has strong opinions and is afraid of the dark - he sleeps with two bright nightlights on - you could read a book in his room. Not that I'm complaining - I love that I can peek in on him and see his sweet sleeping face.

He is a wild man at the park. He wants to be Iron Man when he grows up. He loves his dogs, his mommy and daddy, his sister. He loves the song "I'm in the Lords Army" and picks up on words in songs so quickly. He loves olives and any type of food that's terrible for you. He fights when it's dinner time, especially when it's something he doesn't like. He helps me clean. He loves to read books but also loves to watch anything that's on TV. Right now, his favorite movie is Wall-E.

When he loves something, you know it. When he's tired of something, you really know it! (See the first photo?) He loves his friends and loves praying for them. His imagination is incredible and I'm learning as I grow up with my kids that it's okay to have fun and not care what people think. Dancing through the grocery store is normal and fine. Smiling at strangers and saying 'hi' is not creepy or weird. Giving hugs spontaneously can make a stinky morning so much better. Saying "I love you" is not just a daily thing, but an hourly thing. Sometimes Jeremiah will tell me he loves me and then say: "It's been a really long time since I told you that!" (It hasn't, but maybe to him it feels that way.)

I'm learning that even though I'm supposed to be teaching Jeremiah things, he's teaching me so much about living life and embracing every moment. It sounds so cliche, but it's absolutely true!

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Danielle Zilly said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing :) He's after my own heart with the olives, I've loved them all my life and some people think that's unusual.