Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grandpa Dan

Shawn's Dad, AKA Grandpa Dan, came to visit us from California over New Years weekend. Unfortunately, it was not only the coldest weekend I can remember here in Phoenix, Sarah was diagnosed with pneumonia the same day he got to town. Due to the illness and the cold, we had to lay low (normally when visitors come we do a lot outside since the weather's so much nicer than most of the country during the winter).

Sarah loved him. Jeremiah's always loved Grandpa Dan, too, but Sarah took to him so quickly I was suprised. Get this - she even wanted me to put her down so he could pick her up! What?!? Crazy talk.

J's in this whole "don't take a picture of me, I'll whine like a toddler" phase...it's fun.

See...she loved him!

Sarah loves this tutu. This is at Joe's Diner in Phoenix. If you haven't been there, please GO! NOW! There are certificates on restaurants.com but we won't buy them because we love the place so much we want them to get all our money. The pancakes are AMAZING. Like, you don't need syrup amazing.

Showing Grandpa love...

Jeremiah finally got a few minutes with Grandpa when Sarah was sleeping.

We loved having you visit, Grandpa Dan! Come back and see us soon...the kids miss you.

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