Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sarah Bear

This time, it's all about her! I'm up early, really, really early, thanks to the crazy wind and a certain someone who woke up for an unknown reason in the middle of the night. I was laying in bed trying to fall back to sleep and thinking about that little person who woke me up.

Sarah turned 21 months on Monday. It's usually not a big deal, she's just getting closer to 2, but 21 months is significant because it's the same age Jeremiah was when Sarah was born. And when I look at her, she's so different than J was at the same age. She talks so much more, she's trying to do things all the time like her big brother, and boy is she naughty! I used to think the reason Jeremiah was so sweet and obedient was thanks to our parenting. HA! Nope, Sarah came along and proved all that thinking wrong.

Don't get me wrong, she's not a terrible kid at all. She just knows what's not okay and does it anyways. She's kind of a bully - she pushes Jeremiah and looks at me to see if she'll get in trouble - she's always taking toys away from him, too. J's just too nice to push her back (and he knows he'll get in trouble) or take toys from her.

She has very strong emotions - when she's mad, she is MAD, and when she's happy, she can light up everything in the room. She has a great smile, amazing dimples, a hilarious laugh, and a spirit that is just so wonderful to see in her. She's finding her own way and becoming more independent (and less of a Mama's girl) every day. She plays with her big brother and other kids, and although she doesn't always understand the 'rules,' she always tries.

She communicates her needs very well. If not with her words, then with her ability to grab your hand and pull you out of your chair. (It can be very annoying when you're in the middle of a blog!!) She loves to have books read to her - her favorite is 'Go Dog Go', which she got for Christmas. She loves the color purple - crazy, I know, she's not even 2 yet - but when she sees it she yells: "PU-PAL!!" If I make the mistake of putting a purple shirt on when she's not wearing one, she'll do her best to take her shirt off and go digging through her dresser to find one. She's also really into saying "look!" right now. Last night, she and J were building towers with blocks and I was in the kitchen. Suddenly I hear "ooK Mama!" and there she is, showing off her tower. She loves using the phrase "I do, I do!" whenever she can - "Who's ready for a bath?" "Who wants milk?" "Who's hungry for dinner?" She enthusiastically replies: "I DO I DO!"

Somehow she's opening doors and turning light switches on and off - she's SO TALL! And boy is she proud that she can do all these things - if I'm in the kitchen, suddenly she'll be gone and I can hear the water running in the bathroom. She is also the best cuddler in the world, I do believe. She needs her cuddles in the morning and when she wakes up from her nap, along with lots of them throughout the day. She'll just settle down on your chest with her blankie and her thumb and rub your back or arm.

All in all, she's pretty awesome. I mean, for a naughty, always-testing-the-boundaries always of kid.

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