Friday, December 24, 2010


My favorite Mother in Law came to visit us this past week and the kids (as well as Shawn and I) couldn't have been happier!

We stayed very busy and let me just say...the kids (and us) were extremely spoiled.

We visited the train park in Scottsdale...

Cutest gingerbread man ever!

I don't know why she looks so weird. But it's funny!

Train sweater on the train!

He was so happy! He kept saying "choo choo" to himself and "all aboard!"

We visited Santa at Scooptacular!

Bubbie's like a little kid - she and J spent a lot of time at the park during Sarah's naps.

we also figured out that if you shook the trees, the leaves would fall. The kids looooooved this. Anyone notice this year how the trees actually seem to change color?!? Amazing.

We went to Westgate for dinner and hot chocolate...

and some photos in front of the giant tree...

Then a ride through the celebration of lights...

The kids were in absolute awe. They were so quiet!

Some post-light cuddles. What a great picture, huh???

Early Christmas present from Bubbie. She clearly hates it.

Sad goodbyes....

We miss you Bubbie!! Now we're getting ready for Christmas tomorrow - J and I are baking cookies and a cake (for Jesus' birthday) this afternoon and then Shawn and I are wrapping all the presents tonight. I CAN'T WAIT!

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Oh these are adorable pictures!

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