Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Rolands!!

Here is our Christmas Card, designed by the amazing Heather at Copper Creek Design. I wasn't even on planning on doing a card this year, but she had a blog contest for a free design, so I entered...and won! Isn't it beautiful?

Now, the photos...those are from the incredible, wonderful, sweet, talented, etc, etc, etc photographer Andrea Whittle. She did our photos last year and while I loved them, these are AMAZING. I feel like she captured our family perfectly. I mean...just look at these:

Jeremiah has changed so much this year! He is still just as sweet and funny, and as Sarah grows up I realize how incredibly well-behaved he is! He really listens, he almost never does anything purposefully naughty, and loves to be praised. He doesn't like being the center of attention or being in front of people. He does like playing with his friends and now couldn't care less when I drop him off for childcare anywhere. He tells his own stories and makes up words ('stuck in your tooth' is his favorite, I know it's not a "word" but man does it crack him up!) He's learning his letters and numbers (I blame the TV) and really, really wants to go to school. He has so many questions about the world around him and I try my best to encourage his learning. I'm excited to see him enjoy Christmas this year and watch him grow this next year!

Sarah...oh...Sarah... Remember when I was pregnant with her, I called her Sweet Pea? Well, she's sweet, but she's certainly naughty. She doesn't come when I call her (actually she runs off!), will get into anything and everything, always eats sand when she's outside... But...she's amazing. She's funny and smart (she understands EVERYTHING!), she loves to talk and try new words. I can't believe at the beginning of this year she was a crawling, drooling baby. Now she's a rough and tough toddler (yes, rough and tough - anything Jeremiah does, she does!) She really loves me, but she's growing out of that. She hasn't cried the last few times she's been dropped off for Mops/church/babysitting. So that's a plus! I know she'll have fun on Christmas (they've been so spoiled by our families!), and I am looking forward to her turning 2 soon!

Merry Christmas!!
All our Love,
The Roland Family


Shelly said...

Merry Christmas to you too! :) What great pictures! I can't wait until Andrea does our pictures!

Mikele said...

Beautiful and I'm only a little sad that it won't be gracing my fridge... :)

Jen said... SERIOUSLY win just about every contest you enter, don't you? Beautiful pictures!

Lindsey said...

Such cute Christmas cards!! Love, love, love!! :)