Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sarah's 1 month stats

So we visited the doctor yesterday for Sarah's 1 month well-baby check. She is 11lbs 9oz and 23" long. She's gained 3 1/2lbs and grown 3" in one month! I was shocked by her weight. She's in the 97th percentile for both length and weight. Her head is 50th percentile. I'll take that. She's doing great, got some meds for the reflux to help stop the puking - hopefully they help.

A video of the 'little' princess.

Shawn had Sarah while he was 'chasing' J. Poor thing looks like "what is going on here?"

A little hint of a smile.

Monday, April 27, 2009

1 month / 22 months

I honestly cannot believe how Sarah's first month has flown! It's been a bit hectic but totally worth it. At one month, she's doing great with holding her head up on her own. She's pretty sporatic on sleep - one night is great, the next is awful. She also projectile vomits at least one time a day, that's always fun but I'm learning to face her away from me and if she seems like she's going to be sick, to move her over the sink or at least over our tile floor instead of our carpet. She's growing like crazy - not sure how big she is (her appt is on Wednesday) but she's out of newborn diapers and clothes - J was in them until 6 weeks! I think she was in size 1 diapers at 3 weeks, maybe sooner. I had no idea siblings could grow so differently!

All wrapped up in the Moby wrap - I love it and highly recommend it - thanks for letting me borrow it, Shanna!

Snoozing on Daddy - surprise!

I love her little hands, they are just adorable!

Jeremiah is also 22 months today. Only 2 short months until the big 2. I can't believe my 'baby' is growing so quickly. It seems like we just brought him home from the hospital. He is quite a firecracker. He is stubborn and likes things done his way and when they're not - the whole neighborhood hears about it. He is also very sweet at moments, cuddling with Shawn or I in the evening before bed. He loves reading books - although most of the reading is done before bed - as soon as we head upstairs for bed he starts asking for 'boop' which is book in J-speak. He's talking a lot more but he pretty much only speaks his own language. "dada" could mean Shawn or Barney. "mama" could mean me, Elmo or Nemo. (lately we've been watching a little more TV than normal.) He loves to 'datch' - dance.



This morning - he looks so grown in this picture!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bubbie's visit!

We had so much fun with Shawn's mom, who J calls "Bubbie," this week. He was really attached to her and we were all sad to see her leave this morning. :-(

J got a very coveted present - a sandbox! He loves it.

Friday we went to the Wildlife World Zoo. J could have watched the log ride all day.

I love this picture - that lobster is HUGE!

I don't know why we bothered with the stroller - he just ran around the whole time.

A family shot.

We also had some fun at the park by our house.

J kept hollering "HIGH!" but Bubbie didn't want to push him too high.

This is how high Shawn pushes him. And he loves it! Crazy kid.

Bubbie and Sweet Pea

J having fun on his bike.

What the???

Bubbie and Sarah relaxing.

J watering the plants.

And working on his upper-body strength.

Too cute. (he was laughing because she kept tilting over - he finds it hilarious when she falls. Poor thing)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

This is only about a week late! Oops. Our first Easter as a family of four was fun - busy, with a few tears, but fun.

I dressed both kids in yellow. I was hoping for a cute pic of the both of them together. Didn't happen. But...
Cute J - love the hair!

Sweet baby girl.

Attempt #1 for a family picture = FAIL.

That's better!

After a great church service, we headed home and had most of our AZ family over for food. We missed Mick and Ari though!

After J woke from his nap, there was an Easter egg hunt. He figured out pretty quickly what to do!

Noah helping J - I think after this J followed Noah around like a puppy.

J and his stash!

Sarah got plenty of attention from everyone!

Everyone enjoyed the backyard and the new (now spider-free!) canopy.

Noah didn't put this guitar down almost the entire time he was here. I think he wants a guitar for his birthday.

Kris + Baby Sweet Pea

J really liked Noah. I'm not sure how mutual the feeling was, but Noah tolerated him. It was sweet.

J & his new Wiggles backpack from Kris & the family. He loves it! I let him take it as his diaper bag to MOPs yesterday and he carried it himself. Yes, it's a little big but he'll grow into it.

And J got a haircut. He's looking so big!

Happy (late) Easter!

Monday, April 13, 2009

2 weeks already??

So Sarah's hit the half-month birthday and passed it. She's doing great. Time is flying by it seems - unless, of course, it's midnight and she doesn't want to sleep. Then time seems to creep by!

Her belly button stump thingy fell off so we started doing tummy time with her. This is about all she does - she doesn't even try to lift her head!

Look at those eyes!

Uh-oh! She's giving us a sign of what a firecracker she's going to be. See it?

J coloring. We had a fun time!

Friday I made my first 'big trip' with both J & Sarah - we went to the zoo. I think it went pretty well!

Sarah rode very happily (and sleepily) in the sling the whole time!

BFFs. (or future spouses???) LOL!

J decided he wanted to go to work like Daddy - cute!

Reading time!

Some J-love for Mama. (which I've been missing big time! He seems to scream 'NO!' whenever I ask for a hug or a kiss lately)

Yay for a family picture!!

Saturday night Shawn's mom, Anita aka Bubbie, arrived! J was so excited to see her.

Sarah had her first bath on Saturday night, too. She liked it until the end, when she was cold.

Now she lifts her head? Look at her - all wrapped up, warm and in Daddy's arms!