Sunday, August 31, 2008

We're home!

No pics yet, just wanted to throw an update out there - the trip was great, Jeremiah is a fantastic travel dude, and we are both sad and happy to be home. I have loads of pics and videos so I'll be updating the blog probably tomorrow - we've been up since 245am Phoenix time and I'm just too tired and lazy to do it today. :-)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation Preparation

I am very...anxious when it comes to travelling. I always have been, but add a toddler to the mix and the anxiety factor is multiplied by 100. Of course, I love going on vacation, just the getting ready and then the worst part - the flying - makes me not excited.

I used to be the type of person who over-packed for everything. For our honeymoon, I think I had at least 15 shirts, 10 pairs of shorts, and probably 10 pairs of shoes. We were only gone a week!! Now, though, with a baby, you start to realize how little you can take with you. And your carry-on bag is no longer where you keep your makeup and a few extra clothes and some books - now it's a toy box and a library, stuffed with everything you think you may need to entertain your child. Including snacks....LOTS of snacks. Oh, and don't forget the diapers!!

The point of this rambling is to ask for your prayers for safe travels as we head to Branson, Missouri tomorrow morning. We are travelling with Shawn's Dad, his wife, Karen, and her children, Alec and Krystal. It should be interesting, and I'm not going to lie - having two other adults there besides Shawn and I is very appealing!

Here are a couple of pics of the cutie-pie to tide you over til we return.

His new favorite spot - sitting on the shoes while playing with other shoes.

Cooper is such a tolerant dog - he was bouncing on her! And his hair is so cute - it's only been like that the one day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And it's not even 11am yet...

Just a weird morning over here. Unlike some people, crazy things just don't happen to me. My trips to the store and other places are very routine and I tend to prefer them that way. This morning was slightly different.

J & I headed to the grocery store to stock up so I wouldn't have to shop when we return from our trip next week. I wasn't planning on buying them, but blueberries were on sale for $2.99 a pint, a good deal, even if they turn J's poop dark blue.
We got other things, paper towels, milk, canned fruit, 4 boxes of granola bars for $1(awesome!), toilet paper. Very normal and boring things.

The first thing that was happened was that the cashier (very observant, which is why she's my favorite) noticed that one of my individual applesauce containers was missing. After I signed my slip she ran and actually found the missing one - as she struggled to put it back into the cardbord container I told her not to worry about it - I'd already held up the line long enough and I hate being a 'bother.'

We head to the car and as I'm loading up I notice that the toilet paper that had been on the bottom of the cart was missing. I checked the trunk to make sure I didn't already load it, and wasn't there. (I checked because I've been quite a space cadet lately and it wouldn't surprise me if I put it in the car and didn't notice.) After I load up the rest of my groceries, I go inside to check and see if it had fallen off - we weren't that far from the exit of the store, and it wasn't anywhere on the ground. I tell the cashier what happened and she said it was fine to get another one - so through the store we go, me hurrying because there's milk and frozen goods warming up in my car.

Once again, we leave the store. As I'm walking, some guy in a propane truck is yelling "MA'AM?" so of course I look at him. He waves me over to his truck (only slightly creepy?) and says: "Oh I saw you throw this on the ground so I picked it up. Now you have extra!" He must have thought I went in and bought more and felt bad? Why didn't he stop me when he saw me going back towards the store? I guess I should be happy he gave it back. So...back into the store we go!

I tell the cashier what happened and I'm not sure if she believed me but she said: "If this was beer you'd have never seen it again!" Finally...we headed back home.

So, unloading groceries is always fun. Usually J hangs in the garage with me while I gather all the packages and then follows me in. Well, not this time. I have the door propped open and he runs in the house. My dogs, of course, run into the garage and I run after J carrying two heavy bags because I'm afraid he'll see that the baby gate to the stairs is propped open and he'll first crawl up the stairs then fall down them. While I'm securing the gate my crazy dog, Prince, jumps into my car and won't come out. Oh my gosh! Finally I get him out, J's back in the garage so I get him into the house, and close the door.

Sighing and already thinking about how to blog this weird morning, I start putting groceries away. I take out my four applesauce containers and stack them up, then decide to perch the blueberries precariously on top of them. Bad idea. One step from the fridge and my tower of food tumbles, and blueberries are everywhere. I'm trying to keep J from eating them off the ground along with trying to keep the dogs away from licking all of them. I put them back into the container and notice there's dog hair in it but at this point don't care. Jeremiah's very upset because I'm not paying attention to him and begging to be held but I am still cleaning up smooshed blueberries from the floor. The good blueberries (not smooshed) go into the sink for a thorough cleaning and when they're good and clean (and dog hair-free) Jeremiah gets them for a snack.

And I head upstairs to blog. We're heading to Wal-mart soon, and I'm praying for a boring experience.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Latest J pics

Here are just a couple of the little monkey from the last week or so...sorry for the lack of updates, we're getting ready to leave on vacation on Sunday so I've been a bit busy.

Jeremiah is definitely a boy...a daring boy - he climbs on anything he can find and seems to enjoy it when he falls. I don't get it at all!

Instead of eating his snacks out of a cup like a normal person, J likes to first throw them on the floor, then eat them off the floor. And of course the dogs love when he does this since they get 'treats' too.

Dada is very much J's favorite person right now. He chases his Daddy around all morning and cries when he leaves for work, and as soon as he walks through the door - he's all over him. I am very much okay with this, as I was the 'favorite person' (or the one nursing him) for about a it's all good.

New 'trick' - kissing! Just watch out, usually it's a big open mouthed kiss that leaves you full of drool - but if they aren't the best kisses ever, I don't know what are!!

On Saturday Grandma and Grandpa G came by for a visit - Jeremiah loves spending time with them, even if his expression doesn't make that obvious!

Monday, August 11, 2008


On Saturday Shawn and I decided to brave the roads of Arizona once again with our wonderful son and head up to Payson to visit the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Unlike our last (horrific) road trip, this one was, well, fantastic! We had to much fun together.

J enjoying the ride - he chattered like this until he fell asleep, then once he woke up...more chattering! So much more fun than crying!

It's so moment on the drive up you're surrounded by thousands of saguaro cacti, the next...pine trees. It's like you're in another, cooler, state.

The waterfall @ the park.
Daddy and J by previously mentioned waterfall.
J and Mama by some rocks..

My favorite picture. (Yes he has a leash!)

J could have run through this field all day...if it wasn't for all those darn nasty HUGE red ants - OUCH.
Just some of the surrounding mountains.
Yes, the sky really is that blue. Amazing!
J on a bench at the gift shop.
Family picture time! Nice hair, mom!
That's better...
J loved running up and down this deck.
Dada and J.
After the park we stopped at the Main Street Grille, which is supposedly haunted. *cue spooky music* I am happy to report that I went to the bathroom by myself and did not see any ghosts. Phew!!
J coloring away and having a great time!
Yes, we sat 1pm. It was a brisk 87 degrees. Gorgeous!
Shawn's "monster burger" which was huge - notice the massive knife sticking out of it???
J ate his grilled cheese like a champ! (and some broccoli too - alright!)
This was taken 5 minutes from home - J was so done with his carseat. But, he bears the signs of a great trip - dirty, dirty feet, and scratches on his arms and legs from falling...repeatedly.
We'd do that trip again in a heartbeat! It was so much fun and Shawn and I talked about how 'someday' we'd own a second home in Payson that "me and the children" would be sent to during the summer while Shawn slaved away here in Phoenix and came up north for the weekends. That is, of course, if we're still living here when we can afford something like that. Still, sounds dreamy, huh?

Friday, August 8, 2008


At Kim's house on Tuesday, there was a HUGE playgroup. Lots of kiddos running around, it was a blast. We were outside for a little bit - it was way too hot for the moms, the kids just did not care how sweaty they got.

Three kids in the wagon and Lily helping to push!

Bailey and J have such an...odd? relationship. They really love each other, I think.

This is J's foot - this morning he tried to follow Daddy out the big heavy door to the garage and somehow got a nice couple of gashes on the top of his foot. His first band-aid!

It rocked and rolled out here last night - according to the news, the winds were between 30-40MPH. I don't think so. We've lived here for almost 5 years and I have never heard, seen, or felt the wind that strong before. I had to run outside because our patio chairs were blowing around - and they're big and heavy, not flimsy chairs. The tree across the street fell down - I don't think it damaged the house, thank God.

Look at how these trees are leaning! Totally crazy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Free Football Tickets!

The first Cardinals pre-season game is tomorrow night and Shawn was supposed to go but can't. It starts around 5ish, our seats are in section 116 (this is behind the west end zone) row 14 (I think). They're good seats - the game probably won't be too crazy, as it's only preseason, but if you need a night out, they're free! Either I can meet up with you to bring them to you or Shawn can email them to you. First one to leave a comment indicating they want them, gets them.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Fun Day

On Saturday, Jeremiah was feeling much better. I was not, but that doesn't mean the world stops! We headed over to Westgate for some fun - they have a place called 'Fountain Park' which is essentially a splash pad for the kids. Good news: the water smelled like chlorine so I doubt there's any crypto! (PS for my eastsider friends - this is in Glendale)

The area around the fountain is really nice - lots of cushy seats for moms/dads/grandparents with huge umbrellas, surrounded by grass and nice shops. One could easily make a day of hanging out there. It really reminded me of a resort.

J getting the lay of the land...

Little cutie

Hey! There's lights in the fountain! (meanwhile I'm saying: "He's going to get it right in the face!!")

Yup...he got it right in the kisser!!

This is kind of funny. Jeremiah is not all. See the man and boy in the background? He was a 'fun dad' - running through the fountain while carrying his son. Shawn and I...well...we weren't doing that with J. So, of course, Jeremiah follows the guy around the fountain holding his arms up, expecting the man do take him through the fountain. He was a good sport, and did pick him up a couple of times. Thanks, Random Guy, for entertaining our son!! LOL.

In front of the 'water show' fountains.
With Daddy..
Daddy & J watching the fountain show
Finally, lunch at Margaritaville & J's first time coloring. He did pretty good, until he decided that the crayons would be better off in his mouth.

A note for my SYTYCD gals - there are a TON of resturants there. And the resturants themselves are we'll have plenty of choices in October!

After we got home, I was so achy and feverish all I wanted to do was nap. J went down for his nap and so did I...the problem? He woke up after only an hour and 15 minutes!!! He normally sleeps 3 hours and has gotten all screwed up thanks to this cold. However, on Sunday, he did nap for 3 hours so I got a good one in myself. Yay!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Booooo virus!

Jeremiah is sick with something, we're not sure what. I did make a trip to the ped today because he just was inconsolable and wanted to be held - very un-J like behavior. Apparently there is a virus making it's way around town that includes watery eyes, snotty nose, and fever. At the Dr's office, J's fever was 103, and even over an hour after giving him some motrin, it was still 100.9. Poor dude, he is miserable. And to make things slightly worse, I do believe I'm coming down with what he has, yikes. So the Roland home will be under quarantine for while.

Other than that we're alright. Ha ha!

Here he is wrestling with Daddy on the floor - he's funny, because if I happen to be laying on the floor, he'll fall on me like he does with Shawn. I don't wrestle though, I make him cuddle with me. :-)

For lunch today, Sickey ate sliced olives. That's it - and not many of them, either! I'm happy to report that he did eat some yogurt and a few bites of oatmeal for dinner though. (I'm trying to stick to more bland foods)