Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Fun Day

On Saturday, Jeremiah was feeling much better. I was not, but that doesn't mean the world stops! We headed over to Westgate for some fun - they have a place called 'Fountain Park' which is essentially a splash pad for the kids. Good news: the water smelled like chlorine so I doubt there's any crypto! (PS for my eastsider friends - this is in Glendale)

The area around the fountain is really nice - lots of cushy seats for moms/dads/grandparents with huge umbrellas, surrounded by grass and nice shops. One could easily make a day of hanging out there. It really reminded me of a resort.

J getting the lay of the land...

Little cutie

Hey! There's lights in the fountain! (meanwhile I'm saying: "He's going to get it right in the face!!")

Yup...he got it right in the kisser!!

This is kind of funny. Jeremiah is not all. See the man and boy in the background? He was a 'fun dad' - running through the fountain while carrying his son. Shawn and I...well...we weren't doing that with J. So, of course, Jeremiah follows the guy around the fountain holding his arms up, expecting the man do take him through the fountain. He was a good sport, and did pick him up a couple of times. Thanks, Random Guy, for entertaining our son!! LOL.

In front of the 'water show' fountains.
With Daddy..
Daddy & J watching the fountain show
Finally, lunch at Margaritaville & J's first time coloring. He did pretty good, until he decided that the crayons would be better off in his mouth.

A note for my SYTYCD gals - there are a TON of resturants there. And the resturants themselves are we'll have plenty of choices in October!

After we got home, I was so achy and feverish all I wanted to do was nap. J went down for his nap and so did I...the problem? He woke up after only an hour and 15 minutes!!! He normally sleeps 3 hours and has gotten all screwed up thanks to this cold. However, on Sunday, he did nap for 3 hours so I got a good one in myself. Yay!!


Carin said...

glad to hear J is feeling better and here's hoping you start feeling better soon also.
Hope all is well.

Kristi said...

Uh, what happened to Shawn's face? He should see someone about that... ;)

Astraea said...

Sorry you're still sick! We are only a few miles from Westgate! Maybe we'll have to meet there sometime...

Shelly said...

That place looks cool we should go there!! I hope that "J" is feeling better (you too!) Looks like you all had a ton of fun!! :)

Andrea said...

Bummer, I hate being sick! I hope you feel better. That place looks like fun, too bad it is so far from us!

Jennifer said...

I love family days!