Sunday, August 17, 2008

Latest J pics

Here are just a couple of the little monkey from the last week or so...sorry for the lack of updates, we're getting ready to leave on vacation on Sunday so I've been a bit busy.

Jeremiah is definitely a boy...a daring boy - he climbs on anything he can find and seems to enjoy it when he falls. I don't get it at all!

Instead of eating his snacks out of a cup like a normal person, J likes to first throw them on the floor, then eat them off the floor. And of course the dogs love when he does this since they get 'treats' too.

Dada is very much J's favorite person right now. He chases his Daddy around all morning and cries when he leaves for work, and as soon as he walks through the door - he's all over him. I am very much okay with this, as I was the 'favorite person' (or the one nursing him) for about a it's all good.

New 'trick' - kissing! Just watch out, usually it's a big open mouthed kiss that leaves you full of drool - but if they aren't the best kisses ever, I don't know what are!!

On Saturday Grandma and Grandpa G came by for a visit - Jeremiah loves spending time with them, even if his expression doesn't make that obvious!


Astraea said...

His face is so funny in that last shot!!

Faith loves to give kisses too, but she comes at us with an open mouth and her tongue out!

The Johnson Family said...

He's becoming such a big boy. Brings tears to my eyes and he's not even mine!

Shelly said...

What a little sweetie!!

Mrs. Spice said...

I keep telling Mr. Spice that we need a dog....just for cleaning up after us. Asha used to give us kisses all the time when she was a baby...then she turned 3 and it became "uncool"...I can't wait for Jr. High!