Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation Preparation

I am very...anxious when it comes to travelling. I always have been, but add a toddler to the mix and the anxiety factor is multiplied by 100. Of course, I love going on vacation, just the getting ready and then the worst part - the flying - makes me not excited.

I used to be the type of person who over-packed for everything. For our honeymoon, I think I had at least 15 shirts, 10 pairs of shorts, and probably 10 pairs of shoes. We were only gone a week!! Now, though, with a baby, you start to realize how little you can take with you. And your carry-on bag is no longer where you keep your makeup and a few extra clothes and some books - now it's a toy box and a library, stuffed with everything you think you may need to entertain your child. Including snacks....LOTS of snacks. Oh, and don't forget the diapers!!

The point of this rambling is to ask for your prayers for safe travels as we head to Branson, Missouri tomorrow morning. We are travelling with Shawn's Dad, his wife, Karen, and her children, Alec and Krystal. It should be interesting, and I'm not going to lie - having two other adults there besides Shawn and I is very appealing!

Here are a couple of pics of the cutie-pie to tide you over til we return.

His new favorite spot - sitting on the shoes while playing with other shoes.

Cooper is such a tolerant dog - he was bouncing on her! And his hair is so cute - it's only been like that the one day.


Shelly said...

Have a great trip!! Don't worry there is a lot people there to help! :) Most important of all HAVE FUN!!!! You deserve it! See ya when you get back! We will miss our week of mall walking!

Jennifer said...

I do love his hair with the little wings. Have a great trip!

The Geryol Adventure said...

a life saver when i nannyed and traveled on a plane with 4 toddlers was fruit loops strung on elastic for their very own "candy" necklace. they were all under the age of 3

Andrea said...

the first time I flew with Cassia was when she was 8 weeks old I was by myself and I forgot the formula! I had to give her apple juice mixed with water on the plane!!! being a mommy is such an adventure isn't it? you will be fine as long as you have snacks and toys! he will do great I am sure, he is so good. have a fun and safe trip.

Kristi said...

Super cute hair.